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pool, grey floor tiles, white wall, white butterfly chairs, glass window Simple Patio

White Ball Wall Fixture, Concrete Floor, Concrete Wall, Plan Along The Wall
Pool, Wooden Floor, Textured Geometrical Wall, Fontain, Lounge Chairs, Glass Wall And Door
Pool, Brown Marble, White Stones, Palm Tree, White Wall
Pool, Brown Marble, Green Wall, Low Wall
Pool, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Butterfly Chairs, Glass Window
Pool, White Concrete Wall And Floor, Cacti
Pool, Cream Marble, Grass Fence, Grass Lawn, Stairs Inside The Pool
Pool, Cream Matble, Brown Floor, Stone Wall, Plants Along The Wall
Pool, Stone Wall, Light Concrete Floor, Rectangular Pool, Sofa, Ottoman
Pool, Vream Marble Floor, Cream Wall, Plant, White Chair, Rectangular Pool

Backyard landscape can be designed amazingly and, that way, you would be able to always smile whenever you see your backyard. And one of the prettiest ways to do it is by adding pool where you can also enjoy it swim. Having pool is also great as it can deliver fresh air to the space near the pool. You also do not have to make it really big and large. One long rectangular space can be enough for adding pool. Here below are ten stunning rectangular pools that you would fall in love with.

Some Corner
For you who have small and limited space in the backyard, creating a small rectangular pool in the corner of the backyard is a great idea to start with. This one here leaves more space to the side of the pool and add grass and some plants and make everything so easily beautiful.

Tropical Feeling
This one here creates a really fresh and amazing ambiance with some stage in the pool so that it can put lounge chairs. And in this relaxing and comfortable pool, the ambiance is even more fresh look with palm tree also in the pool.

Under the Interesting Ceiling
This one here is designed in rather closed private space. The wall looks neutral and natural with concrete and stone look on the floor and wall. The pool is narrow and long but it is a perfect place to laze around floating on the pool under the interesting ceiling that will let the sunlight comes in.

White Concrete
Creating a tropical Greek look can be done by using white concrete wall and floor. And this one here create it beautifully. Against the white concrete, the blue pool looks incredibly beautiful. With setting like this one, it will be easier to get a fun summer day.

Minimalist Pool
This pool is in prefect rectangular shape. With off white floor and wall, the setting looks minimalist and neutral. This is perfect for a minimalist or modern house.

Modern Waterfall
This one here looks modern and beautiful. The wooden floor and the geometrical wall makes the space looks new and fresh while the waterfall from inside the wall clearly gives an interesting inspiration for backyard landscape.

Ball Fixture
This pool also has interesting beautiful setting with minimalist concrete floor and wall. This one here is decorated with white ball lighting fixtures installed on the wall. Adding plant near the wall add even more interesting note to the set.

Fresh and Elegant
This long pool looks rich with the plant along the wall. However, the brownish glow from the floor and wall create an elegant note to the rectangular pool.

Small Pool
This one pool here is more like an outdoor bath tub where you can sit around and talk to your friends and family. Closed by grass wall, this has given enough security outdoor in the backyard.

Tall Wall
This one here shows what you can do with limited space in the backyard. The fresh white wall and the neutral grey floor makes a minimalist look. With narrow rectangular pool, the minimalist and neutral backyard is lightened up.

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