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bedroomw ith dark wooden floor, rug, white platform bed with dark bedding, white wall with stripes on accent wall and ceiling continued, sconces HGTV

Kids Room With White Rug Flooring, White Floating Shelves, Heater, White Floor Lamp, Shades On Windows, Yellow White Stripes Motive
Kids Bedroom With Stripes Ruf Flooring, Pink Sofa, Round Table, Stools, Chairs, Cribs, White And Pink Wall, Pink Orange Stripes Pattern Ceiling
Nursery With Wooden Floor, Wooden Cribs, White Wall With Some Wallpaper, Wooden Rocking Chair, Blue Rug, Yellow Painted Ceiling
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Green Bedding, White Wooden Wall, Windows With Bamboo Shades, Gren Wooden Ceiling With Pendant
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Yellow Carpet, Black Bench, Black Bed Platform, White Wall, Black White Stripes Ceiling, Shelves, Pictures
Bedroomw Ith Dark Wooden Floor, Rug, White Platform Bed With Dark Bedding, White Wall With Stripes On Accent Wall And Ceiling Continued, Sconces
Bedroom With Green Kids Bunk Bed, Grey Rug Flooring, Beige Wall, Black Wooden Chair With Colorful Cushion, Black Wooden Cabinet, Blue Painted Ceiling
Bedroom With Rug Flooring, Metal Platform Bed, Grey Bedding, White Wall, Coffer Ont He Ceiling, Wood On The Inside
Bedroom With Chevron Pattern, White Platform Bedding, White Wall, White Curtain, White Wooden Door, Pink Painted Ceiling
Bedroom With Wooden Flooritn, White Bed Platform With Grey Bedding, Mirror, White Chair, Shade Ont He Windows, Grey Painted Ceiling

Having a statement ceiling in a bedroom can be really interesting but also quite difficult because sometimes a bedroom is a place where we want to be really relaxed. And painted ceiling might make the room too strong in impression. However, of course that would be the problem of choosing the right patterns and color in bedroom. With wallpaper, you can get pattern and motives, but if you want something plain, painting can offer that to you.


Bright Yellow

Although yellow might not be advisable color for a bedroom, yellow in kids room can make the kids feel cheerful. And as usually kids are already sleeping when they are put in the bedroom, yellow painted ceiling might not make them restless. Although, if bright yellow is too strong, muted yellow can be a great substitution.


Stars inĀ  a Galaxy

The best thing about kids room is that you can put any color and it will make them happy on how colorful their room is. Creating statement ceiling for kids room is fun too. With dark blue paint, the night sky is easily created. Add some yellow paints for the stars, and viola!


Black and White Stripes

Although making statement ceiling with paints seems to be limited in options, it can be tricked by creating stripes of two different colors. That will make some simple pattern to the ceiling.


Kind of StripesĀ 

If stripes pattern is a little bit too mainstream or something that doesn’t interest you, some other stripes might. Stripes pattern can be modified into something more fun and interesting. There will be two colors needed, still. But another pattern is drawn.


Cheerful Yellow

Another thing to make stripes pattern interesting is by making the stripes having a center. It’s like drawing sun and its light, when you were little. This kind of stripes might remind you to the festivities of a carnival tent Although, with yellow, you might probably still got the effect of sun drawing.


Stripes for Adults

While the idea of stripes might seem a little childish, adult bedroom can have something more sophisticated and dark. While in kids bedroom large pattern in ceiling might look cheerful, in a bedroom for adults, it can look too superfluous. Yet, dark warm colors in stripes in one narrow line an have an interesting impact, especially when it’s drawn to the wall.


Paint on the Wood

The ceiling can have many kinds of material. However, any kinds of material there are, painting ceiling can be done anywhere. This one here has wooden ceiling and it is still painted in green. The effect is warm and calming, and sometimes it helps the wood to have long lasting durability.


Paint the Wood Inside

Another interesting thing to make a statement to the ceiling is by combining texture, coffer, and paint at once, like this one. With different depth created here, the ceiling also has different color and texture.


Calming Muted Pink

Pink has been associated with tender and softness. And that’s exactly what people need to have in the bedroom. That way, resting in the bedroom will be really relaxing and comfortable. If pink is too feminine, another muted color will be great options too.



Another ideas to paint the ceiling is by painting the ceiling and let some wall on the top is painted too. This way will create overflowing effect. For something even more fun, the overflowed paint on the wall can be drawn like waterfall or something else.

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