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kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, wooden kitchen cabinet, wooden open shelves My Little Think

Kitchen, White Wall Tiles, Wooden Bottom Cabinet With White Marble Top, Wooden Boxed Shelves, White Pendants, White Dining Table
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Cabinet Under The Stairs, Wooden Table With Wooden Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Black Wooden Chairs, Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Wooden Island, Grey Top, Wooden Wall, Wooden Stairs, Rattan Pendant, Wooden Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bottom Shelves And Drawers, Wooden Open Shelves, Black Counter Top
Kitchen, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet With White Marble Top, White Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table Counter, Wooden Island With Shelves, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Open Shelves, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling

Kitchen is a place where you will create and gather with your kind of people. And for that, you would want to have comfortable, warmed and fresh at the same time. This can be done by creating a fresh and natural look in the kitchen. Using natural material, the kitchen would feel breezy and warm as well. If you’re looking for ideas to make an interesting natural look in the kitchen, here below are some inspirations you can look up to.

Small Natural Spot
In this small area of kitchen, the space can successfully look so beautiful. The wooden cabinet and dining table put a strong look along with the wooden floor. The wooden open shelves on the wall makes the room look so airy and light. This is combined well with the white wall and wooden framed windows.

Simple and Traditional
This kitchen brings a simple setting with wooden kitchen cabinet and white combination, seen on the wall and floating shelves. The wooden cabinet looks raw and fresh that makes a nice contrast to the white marble top.

Minimalist Natural
This one here shows an interesting look with smooth surface on the wooden kitchen cabinet. The white wooden wall gives subtle details to the kitchen and the wooden open shelves make a nice match to the kitchen cabinet at the bottom. It also makes a great partner for offering storage.

Pretty Details
This one here also puts white and brown setting. But, with a little twist, it makes a pretty look. Instead of making a flat line, the box shelves on the wall makes a kind of zigzag and let the shelves give an interesting look to the kitchen. This is completed with a modern pendants and the smooth kitchen cabinet at the bottom.

Simple and Warm
This simple look is presented by smooth and clean finish of the wooden cabinet and shelves. The bottom cabinet it also completed with storage with glass door that allows you to find anything faster. The shelves on the wall make a perfect combination to the cabinet.

Light Setting
With wooden material used in most of the surface, a kitchen would easily look so beautiful. This one here adds the characteristic with light and and thin look from the open storage under the black top as well as the floating open shelves.

Small Warmth
This corner in the kitchen looks so pretty even though it is quite narrow. With not so wide top and shelves, the kitchen looks awesome in its light and compact look.

Light and Large
Even though this one has large space, it still gives light and easy look with thin boards on the wall and on the counter. Without cabinet, the kitchen comes on strongly light and fresh. The island in the middle of the kitchen makes a nice addition with open shelves under.

Under the Stairs
Even space under the stairs can look so pretty with wooden material. This small spot looks strong especially with the wooden table in the middle with wooden stools. This would make a great place to eat together.

Wood on the White
This kitchen is actually more in white than in brown wooden look. However, the white wooden cabinet and island makes a nice background and contrast to the wooden stools, stairs and rattan.

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