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small study, wooden table, white wall, wooden floating shelves, white floor lamp, white wooden chair Muramur

Small Study, Rug Floor, White Wall, Green Wooden Classic Table, Floating Accessories On The Wall, White Table Lamp
Small Cabinet, White Shelves, White Floating Table, Brown Wooden Chair
Small Study, Wooden Floor, Small Wooden Table, White Floor Lamp, White Modern Chair
Small Study, White Floating Table, White Metal Fence On The Side, White Floatnigs Shelves, Wooden Floating Shelves, Brown Acrylic Chair
Small Study, Wooden Table, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Floor Lamp, White Wooden Chair
Small Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Accent Wall, Blue Floating Table, Blue Floating Shelves
Small Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Smal Green Wooden Table, Brown Wooden Table Top, Floating Shelves, Wooden Rattan Chair
Small Study, White Wall, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Black Study Table, Golden Table Lamp, Black Floating Shelves, Black Chair With Blue Cushion
Small Study, White Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Table, Copper Sconces, Grey Ottoman
Small Study, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, White Wall, White Floor, Patterned Rug

Sometimes, we just cannot help it to bring our work home even though we have made sure that work stays at the office. When that happens, we would need a place to work a little bit. If the work you bring home does not happen often, you might only need a small study just so you can open your laptop and work for a little bit. Here below are some small study ideas you would love to have as an escape to work.

Blue Area
Although it is small, putting some rigid line to mark your study area is actually quite fun .This one here puts blue wall on the study area and even adds more interesting accent like pyramids on the wall to hold the pencils. The floating table brings light and easy look.

Small Cabinet
For a small non-permanent study, this cabinet offers all the best things you can have. First of all, it is hidden in a small cabinet that people won’t know it exists. Second, it is so practical and compact that you don’t have to create your study anywhere else. Last, it saves you more space.

Floating Small
Putting in the corner, a floating table and shelves above would be considered enough. You would be able to have the table to write and shelves to store anything you need. This one here goes even simple with clasped lamp and acrylic chair to support light weight look.

Cute Wooden Table
Although a study corner sounds so serious, with little table like this one, you would get a cute corner instead. This one is supported with small wooden table that is enough for you to open laptop and work. With sophisticated modern chair and floor lamp, the corner is not only small but cool.

Simply Traditional
Although some might think that small space means limited space to get creative, this one shows that the small wooden table can look pretty while being fit into the space. Combined with wooden chair, the corner is completed.

Warm Corner
This wooden classic study table makes the corner looks so warm and unique. The smalls helves and drawers make a nice details while putting on some storage. The classic sconces on the wall complete the set perfectly well.

Classic Green
Using small classic table would prettify the corner really well while also giving the space for you to work. With rattan (on chair and basket) fresh and interesting combination, the corner looks amazing.

Classic Green
This one is another small classic table that looks really good in the corner. It does not only give a place to study or work but it also prettifies the corner that when it is not used, it has aesthetic value.

Slim Black
Using black and thin design will help the space looks light weight. It is perfect to give an airy effect especially in the corner. This one here shows how thin table, chair and shelves can combine beautifully.

Simple and Classis
Although this one looks simple, but the curvy classic design of the table brings a nice accent to the modern setting of the chair, shelves and floor lamp.

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