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kitchen, white floor, wooden floor, white wall, wooden cupboard, woode cabinet, white backsplash Etsy

Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Sheles, Green Wall
Kitchen, White Cabinet, White Shelves, Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Chandelier With Fringes
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Counter
Kitchen, Seamless Floor, White Gloss Backplash, White Wall, White Top Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Counter Top, Grey Backsplash, Wooden Top Cabinet, Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs
White Kitchen,white Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chair
Kitchen, White Floor, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cupboard, Woode Cabinet, White Backsplash
Kitchen, Brown Marble Floor, Light Wooden Cabinet, White Backsplash, Wooden Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Wall, Black Counter Top, Low Black Backsplash, Wooden Floor
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Counter Top

All wooden surface room would look really similar to the Japanese interior look. And this look is really stunning with all warm natural material. Creating a room with wooden Japanese hints would obviously bring beauty and comfortable vibe. Combining wood on wood is also not too difficult. You will almost never get wrong with it. And the best thing is, it looks beautiful in any room. However, here below will compile ten warm and attractive wooden kitchen for you to look at.

Wooden and White
In this white kitchen, the setting is a perfect background to any furniture. The bright and clean white allows anything else to light, including the natural and neutral wooden dining set and the wooden chandelier with the fringes under.

Black Lines
Creating all wooden surface surely makes it really easy on the eye. This beautiful kitchen looks amazing with wooden shiplank on the wall and the matching bottom cabinet and floor. The only contrast on it is the black counter top and low backsplash that makes a steady lines across the wall.

Wide White
While the previous one uses black, this below uses white to be the combination of the wooden cabinet. In this one, the wooden cabinet is the interesting and warm line across the room. This combination is really gorgeous.

Small Wooden Corner
Wood is a perfect choice in decorating small space. It does not look too heavy and it will be able to freshen the room, like this one below. The wooden shelves might look crowded but it is still beautiful and calming.

Japanese Dining Room
This one looks really beautiful. The wooden dining set is highlighted by the white background of the kitchen. The white tall island makes a nice cover for the kitchen that the wooden dining set and shelves can look bold.

Wooden Kitchen
This kitchen has a really strong look with wooden material. The wooden cabinet and cupboard looks really good together. And the dining set as well as the cabinet makes it even more complete and perfect.

Rustic Wood
With so many different wood finish, there are so many options that can be pick. This one here puts a dark and raw finish and make the kitchen looks beautifully rustic. The white wall and grey floor make a nice contrast.

Soft Wooden Kitchen
Contrary to the previous one, this one looks soft with the light wooden finish. The cabinet and floating shelves bring out a nice and simple ambiance in the kitchen. This minimalist look is similar to Japanese styled room.

Raw and Simple
This one is another kitchen with wooden surface. The cabinet and shelves looks so minimalist and pretty. The grey combination on the wall, backsplash and counter top is not heavy either.

Tall Wooden Cupboard
This minimalist kitchen looks amazing with the wooden accents on the dining table and cabinet. Added with tall cupboard, the kitchen looks strong even though it is neutral and does not look bold.

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