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living room, white rug, white sofa, green lounge chair, square coffee table, off white wall, pale yellow ottoman, side table, white covred table lamp Achados de Decoracao

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Wooden Rattan Table, White Sofa, Rattan Basket, White Wall, White Globe Pendant
Living Room, White Rug, White Sofa, Green Lounge Chair, Square Coffee Table, Off White Wall, Pale Yellow Ottoman, Side Table, White Covred Table Lamp
Living Room, White Floor, Striped Rug, Brown Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, White Pendant, Wooden Bench Brown Grey Cushion, White Pot, Wooden Side Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Wooden Tray Coffee Table, White Wall, White Sofa, Pillows, White Side Table
Living Room, Light Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Chair, Grey Sofa, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Pendnat, Large Glass Windows
Living Room, White Floor, Brown Rug, Brown Wooden Bench With Shorter Cushion In Grey, Rattan Pendant, Coffee Table With Cushion
Living Room, Off White Floor, White Wall, White Modern Simple Bench With Cushion, Rug, Plants, White Curtain
Living Room, Light Floor, Beige Rug, Off White Wall, White Pendant, White Floor, Low Bookshelves, White Chair, Grey Sofa, Brown Grey Round Ottoman With White Tray
Living Room, White Floor, Grey Rug, Orange Sofa, White Marble Coffee Table, Wooden Chair With Woven Seating, Black Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, White Pendant, White Curtain, White Shelves, Black Sofa

Natural look is always so endearing. The neutral color and the natural material can make the room feels so refreshed and warm at the same time. And putting natural colors in the modern room is like combining the two good forces in a room. Here below will present a beautiful combination of natural look in the modern living room that you will love.

Simple Earth
This living room shows a simple arrangement with earthy colors on the floor and wall. With interesting details on the rug, this living room looks warm, along with the plants in the corner.

Dark Earthy Room
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has an interesting earthy touch. The brown rug shows an incredible pattern. This rug matches perfectly with the wooden bench and coffee table with grey cushion. The best part of this bench is that the cushion is shorter so that it leaves you a small side table. The rattan pendant is beautiful touch in it.

Warm Sofa
In this natural earthy living room, the color is so sweet and warm. The white coffee table makes the room feels balanced with the warm seating arrangement.

Bright Simplicity
This living room shows a really simple yet pretty look with its light complexion seen on the wall, wooden floor, cabinet, and pendant. This light look is supported by natural wooden chair and coffee table, along with woven rug. Positioned near the window, this living room is really delightful.

Warm Living Room
This living room shows a warm notion with its bench and rug. The dark warm bench brings deeper dimension while the combination of the rugs puts more texture and patterns.

Bright and Warm
This one here combines warm and bright ambiance in one room. With neutral and warm colors, this room makes a welcoming look to those around. And the bright light comes from the windows will make sure that you have the best time in conversing and reading your books.

Cheerful Natural Look
IF you’re looking for something cheerful in natural look, this one here might be able to show you just how. With neutral background, the pale green lounge chair and pale yellow ottoman looks lovely without making too bold appearance.

Adorable Rattan
This living room is such a beautiful living room with natural material on the coffee table and basket. This look is supported with white natural sofa and rug. The white bulb above brings an interesting finish.

Colored Pillows
For neutral living room, you might think that the room can get boring. To make up to the neutral look, you can add some pillows with soft, pastel, and warm colors that will compliment the room really well.

Thin and Simple
This living room shows thin lines on many places that it makes the room looks light and simple. The neutral colors makes the room even lighter and prettier.

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