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lanai in the side of the house, nude floor, brown sofas, oval rattan chairs, metalic dining set with glass top table Houzz

Lanai With Brown Tiles Flooring, Wooden Chairs With Brown Cushions, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Beams At Ceiling
Patio With Concrete Floor, Rattan Sofas And Coffee Table
Patio With Concrete Flooring, Brown Rug, Metal Chairs With Purple Cushions, White Blue Pillows, Metal Coffee Table
Back Lanai With Red Tiles Flooring, Brown Cushioned Sofa And Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, Blinds
Lanai In The Side Of The House, Nude Floor, Brown Sofas, Oval Rattan Chairs, Metalic Dining Set With Glass Top Table
Patio Under Glass Roof, Brown Rattan Chairs With Brown Cushioin, Brown Rattan Coffee Table With Glass Top, Brown Floor, Brown Bricks Wall
Lanai With Wooden Floor, Wooden Ceiling With Wooden Beams, Wooden Chairs And Sofas With Orange Cushions, Wooden Coffee Table, Pillows
Lanai With Sofa Covered In Knitted White Blanket
Lanai Under A White Ceiling, Marmer Floor, Black Rattan Sofas, Black Rattan Coffee Table
Patio With Black Metal Table, Black Metal Chairs With White Cushions

If you still have areas around your house that you still can make use of it, a space for friends and family gather around would be lovely. Having people dear to you around in a nice outdoor air combined with the buzz of conversation would be really lovely. Thus, if you still have area around your house, a patio, or terrace or even lanai would be a nice touch for your home.

Beside the Pool

When you have are inside the building but not indoor, a lanai space would be really wonderful to have. With solid ceiling above you, all you need is a set of sofa and chairs that will accommodate people to gather around and of course a fan that will help blow the wind would never hurt. For outdoor furniture, rattan material is always a great suit.


Under the Glass

If you have a small area that is ideal for a chit chat place, you can make something like this. The rattan furniture will make you feel like you’re in outdoor space however the glass ceiling is really ideal for you to still be able to go outside regardless of rain or snow.


Under the Solid Roof

This is another idea for lanai. Although lanai is usually only a place to hang out, lanai can also be used for dining area so if you have guests come to your house, you can entertain them by having relaxed dining in lanai.


Blinds Around

Another idea for porch that will make it more private and protected from the weather is by having blinds around the area. This way, when the day is too windy, you can close the blinds. With clear or see-through blinds, even though the blinds are pulled down, you can still see the outside.


Natural Wooden

With wooden gazebo, you will have the most beautiful patio. Showing off the wooden beams is the key in staying rustic and natural. And, of course, having your chairs and table from wood is also the other way to make your gazebo pretty, just like this one here. Their orange cushions and pillows make the patio really comfortable and warm.


Under a Gazebo

Having a gazebo with see through wooden beams as the ceiling, you will have unique shadow on the earth. With that ceiling, the sun is dimmed a little bit and area under that would be really ideal to hang around.


Wooden Gazebo

Similar with the previous one, this one also uses a gazebo to maintain the area. With black rattan chairs on light grey concrete flooring, the black colour pops out. It’s a great combination. The torch around the gazebo adds to the natural feeling of it too.


Rustic Porch

If you are a rustic theme lover, you will love this one. The ceiling is showing all the wooden roof and beam. The chairs are all from wooden material with brown cushions. And the best thing is the coffee table that looks like it has just been taken from an old tree.


Bohemian Lanai

Unlike the previous one, this one is for you who like boho style. The white patterned curtain around the small area and the cage gives strong boho energy. So does the white knitted blanket covering the sofa.


Bright Purple

Even if it’s outdoor, it doesn’t mean that you need to be rigid with the choice of your furniture. You will want to be able to be comfortably enjoying the patio so soft and tender cushions will be a great choice too.

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