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A bathroom is a must room in every home. This place is to make us refresh from our daily routine. You can design your bathroom in any design. Most people like to set soaker tub with shower in their bathroom. They may have a little spacious area for the bathroom. If you have small space, you may only be able to set a shower area. If you have a soaker tub with shower it will make you have so much fun in the bathroom. The following are the soaker tub with shower ideas that will inspire you to make a great bathroom.

Grey Crawford

This soaker tub with shower is in a master bathroom. It looks glamor because of the design and the bathroom unique lighting and chandelier design. The Crawford ceiling is in a square shape.

White Bathroom

You can choose a white theme bathroom design. It can make your bathroom look cleaner and tidier. The ceramic tile in this bathroom makes you comfortable. There are a few accent tiles to make your floor more beautiful.

Antique Soaking Tub with Freestanding Faucet

If you like an antique bathroom design, you may set a claw foot soaking tub with a freestanding faucet. There is also a steam shower in this master bathroom.

Watery Palette Bathroom

You can make your bathroom unique and charming by setting a small free-standing tub and a cobalt blue vanity beside it. The white and blue accents of this bathroom make a pretty watery palette. You can decorate the vanity by adding an oval mirror above it. To increase your privacy, there is a circular shower curtain bar in the tub.

Dazzling Modern Soaker Tub with Shower

A clear glass for panel tub shield makes us get a better view of the bathroom tile work. The vanity next to the tub and shower area looks impressive by a low vanity chair, mounted vanity, and a square mirror. You can also add some plants in your bathroom to have fresh air.

Soaker Tub with Shower for Guest Bathroom

If you want to impress your guest, you can get this idea to your guest bathroom. The modern tub and a mounted shower will make their bath time joyful and refreshing.

Half Shower Door

A half shower door will make your bathroom look unique. It has a role in preventing the water going out when you enjoy the mounted shower experience.

Extraordinary Bathroom

You can make a rock garden bathroom by setting the tub in the center of the rock area. You can install a ceiling rain shower to make more natural vibe. You can set a towel bar beside your tub.

Cool Kohler Drop in Tub

The gray and white tile will make your bathroom look catchy. The tub is surrounded by three wall side. You also can install rain spout.

Contemporary Bathroom

You can decorate your soaker tub with shower with grey tiles to wall and floor. This is suitable for a small bath area. There is storage behind the mirror. The vanity also has towel holder bar.

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