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wall partition with black cabinet, brown wooden shelves on C chapes, folding, black floor Filip Janssens

Black Cabinet With Long Narrow Line Details, Shelves In Different Sizes In The Middle Of The Cabinet
Black Cabinet Wall Partition, Brown Wooden Shelves On The Right Side
White Cupboard With A Few Small Wooden Shelves On The Left And Middle
Long White Cupboard With Hole On The Left Filled With Brown Wooden Shelves
White Cabinet With Brown Wooden Square Shelves On The Left Sides From The Bottom To The Top
White Cabinet With Brown Wooden Shelves On The Left In Assymetrical Position, Wooden Table
Wall Partition With Black Cabinet, Brown Wooden Shelves On C Chapes, Folding, Black Floor
White Cabinet With Dark Brown Shelves Along The Body From The Bottom To The Wall Above The Cabinet, Sliding Table
White Low Cabinet, Different Sized Brown Wooden Shelves In Jagged Arrangments
White Floating Cabinet With Brown Wooden Shelves In Different Sizes In Random Arrangments

Unique design always looks vibrant in a room. It can strengthen the room with its own incredible design that it might be the center of the attention. But of course, it will be more useful to have real furniture rather than only a decoration. And these amazing designs of cabinet below have shown the incredible energy to be the stand point while maintaining the real function of it.

Unique Low Cabinet
Cabinet you put in the living room can be in any shape. It can complement the room for being the strong point of the room itself, like this one here. With unique design, this one stand out really strongly in any room. The jagged arrangements of the brown wooden shelves is really attractive.

Floating Cabinet
Just like the other floating cabinet, this one here is installed directly to the wall. However, unlike the other floating cabinet, this one here is with an incredible design. The combination of shelves and cabinet in this one looks marvelous with shelves in different sizes. Created from a creative designer Filip Janssens, this one looks as formidable as his other design.

Unique Partition
Not only on the cabinet, the incredible arrangement of shelves look amazing too in this black cabinet. Used as wall partition, this one has been a great separation between the rooms.

In the Heart of Cupboard
In this incredible black cupboard, the brown wooden shelves are arranged in the middle of it all and create an irregular shape that brings out a unique vibe for the cupboard itself and for the room as well.

Trailing the Corner
Another design from Filip Janssens, in this one, the cabinet is trailing the corner of the wall. It creates its own flow from the bottom with brown wooden shelves and vine to the top also with white cabinet.

Incredible Partition
In this incredible design, Filip Janssens creates a great partition with a curve creates from the stacked wooden shelves beautifully on the side of the black cabinet. Not only that, he also still can slip in the the folding table. The combination of contrast and neutral composure is incredible. The modern and artistic design shows perfectly here.

Sliding Table
While the previous one successfully adds folding table on its design, this one here adds sliding table that looks extraordinary on the already incredible design of cabinet and shelves here. The small wooden piece on the wall above the cabinet is adorable.

On the Left
Another handsome design by Filip Janssens that does not stop make you amazed is seen here. The modern vibe seen in the smooth and flat surface cupboard here is combined with contrast and jagged shelves that creates a gorgeous looking cupboard.

Asymmetrical Shelves
Similar to the previous admirable cupboard, this one too has asymmetrical wooden shelves that looks so artistic on it. And not only that, this one here also continues the design with long wooden table on the side too.

Few Small Addition
Unlike the previous ones, this one here stays on only few small wooden shelves on irregular arrangement. This one is perfect for those who love small details on the furniture.

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