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If you are trying to make your guests more amazed when visiting your home, you can have a living room with a specific style and design. In the modern era, a luxurious look is often applied in some houses. A luxurious living room will absolutely make your guests attracted. The luxurious look of some furniture items and a crystal chandelier can be a nice combination to create it. It doesn’t need to be so expensive, you can get the one with gold accents and luxurious look without spending much money. Here are some luxurious living room ideas that will inspire you to create a luxurious look in your living room.

The Decorative Wall Art

Large windows in this modern living space allow a lot of natural light. Thus, the modern living room features can stand out more. Add an artistic touch by adding some wall arts and a unique large floor lamp. They emphasize the luxury look of this living room.

Sophistication and Elegance

The large bespoke chandelier features some crystals which convey the sophistication and elegance. By adding this chandelier along with the beige sofas, beige armchair, a glossy black coffee table, glass side tables, and table lamps create a luxurious living room.

Glam It Up

Bold color can show a nice look if it is combined with some luxurious room features. The velvet blue couch is a comfortable piece for a small living room. The chandelier, mosaic wall mirror, a green tufted ottoman, and wall sconces look nice on the blue background.

The Gold Living Room Features

Gold hue definitely shows luxury. So if you want to create a luxurious living room, the easiest way is to add some living room features which have gold color or finishing. This living room features gold pillows, a gold coffee table with glass top, gold tufted walls, gold mantel, and a gold table lamp.

The Luxurious Tufted Ottoman

Create a focal point in the center of the living room. A classic chandelier and a large beige tufted is a focal point in this luxury living room.

Layered Lighting

In creating a luxurious living room, you can add more than one lighting source to brighten up the luxurious furniture pieces. The layered lighting makes the room brighter. Thus, it can be applied in a long narrow living room.

Luxurious Curtains

Glam up the luxurious living room by adding the luxurious curtains and gorgeous chandelier. This large living room is well decorated.

Create Luxury Vibe in Small Space

The glamorous wall round mirror and lighting in built-in shelving look gorgeous. The cashmere feel creates a luxury vibe in this small living room.

Sofa for Luxurious Living Room

The gray hexagonal backed sofas are well arranged along with the black glossy coffee table and gray chair in the front of the fireplace. The fireplace wall also increases the luxury of this living room.

A Glam Mediterranean Living Room

Mediterranean furniture pieces can create a luxurious living room. Choose the ones who have gold accents which represent the glam and luxury. This living room also features a luxurious chandelier.

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