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bedroom, white wall, wooden floor, brown accent wall, pendant, wooden side table, wooden cabinet Dekoruma

Bedroom, Brown Rug, White Wooden Side Table, White Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Accent Wall, Grey Wall
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bedding, White Curtain, Plants On Floating Shelves
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Blue Velvet Round Ottoman, Blue Velvet Bed Platform, White Wall, White Carved Accent Ceiling, Chandelier
Bedroom, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Brown Accent Wall, Pendant, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Cabinet
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Curtain, Wooden Bed Platform, White Side Table, White Modern Chair
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Accent Wall, Wooden Bed, Wooden Side Table, Metal Pendant
Bedroom, White Wall, Off White Floor, Patterned Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Chair, Wooden Side Table
Bedroom, Brown Rug, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Bedding, Side Table, Wooden Bench With White Cushion
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, White Bed, Wooden Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Bed Platform, White Rug, White Bedding

Bedroom is a place where you want to be as comfortable as you can be. It is a place to rest and to wander to the deepest imagination. For that, you wouldn’t want a limited space limit your comfort. Even though in a small space, bedroom should be your “real” home. If you’re looking for some ideas to work with, here below is a little compilation you might like.

Spacial Bedroom
If you love a theme in to have in the bedroom, you should express it. This one here puts a really nice theme of space in the small bedroom and it makes the bedroom looks lively and bright. The dark accent wall makes a wonderful night sky, along with dark blue bedding.

French Ceiling
This small bedroom has the most beautiful privilege. The carved ceiling makes the whole room looks so elegant, especially with the help of the chandelier. The bright light from the window makes a nice illumination to the room as well.

Simple and Calm
This limited bedroom has nice light from the glass window that accentuate the warmth and and natural look of the room. The white and wood combination is so easy in the eye. While the white takes the wall, side table and bedding, and the brown wooden look takes the floor and platform, the room is decorated with fresh plant in the corner.

Simple White
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a simple combination with white wall and bedding. The plants on the wall makes the bedroom looks fresh and not too minimalist.

Under the Vaulted Ceiling
This is another bedroom that has great privilege too. The vaulted ceiling makes a really cool character to the room. It helps the room to look larger and more breathable. The natural material makes a warm and nice finish to the room.

Traditional White
This bedroom has a warm and simple look with white wooden completion. The white wooden side tables and cabinet strengthen the room in cute and sweet touches. The decorations bring in warm and traditional ambiance to the small space.

A Little Bohemian
This bedroom makes a simple look with its white wall, brown floor and wooden furniture. This bedroom looks minimalist with its wooden bed platform and cabinet. The fringe on the wall gives a little taste of bohemian ambiance.

Modern Minimalist
This gorgeous small bedroom looks so airy and bright with its neutral and minimalist setting. The wooden slab is a nice side table that brings neutral and strong accent. The green blanket makes a nice contrast to the minimalist bedroom.

Simply Warm
This is a great setting for a small bedroom. The cream wall and wooden floor make neutral and warm look to the room. The wooden cabinet shows interesting patterns on the door.

More Comfort
This warm setting is supported by white wall, brown wall, and the warm neutral colors make the room really brew with warmth.

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