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baby room with superman purple rug, white chair with ottoman, superman doll, superheroes doll on the crib, wall poester, wall decors Quarto para Bebe

A Bedroom With Blue Bed, Yellow Linene, Batman Pillows, Batman Masks Wallpaper, Wall Picture With Superheros, Action Figures
Baby Room With Superman Purple Rug, White Chair With Ottoman, Superman Doll, Superheroes Doll On The Crib, Wall Poester, Wall Decors
Kids Bedroom With White And Grey Wall, Striped Linene, A Bed, A Baby Crib, Blue Cabinet, Shelves, Wall Decorations
Baby Crib With Superhero Pillows, Superheroes Wall Decor
Bedroom With Woode Floor, White Ceiling, Red Wall With 6 Differenct Superheroes Posters, Batmobile Shaped Bed, Wonder Woman Linen, Batman Wallpaper
Bedroom With Brown Rug, White Bed, Striped Linen, Captain America, Superman Pillows, Batman Wallpaper
Bedroom With Beige Floor, Striped Rug, Yellow Beds, White Blue Linen, Superhero Pillows, Superhero Posteres, City Wallpaper
Bedroom With Beige Rug, Blue Bed, Grey Linen, Captain America Logo Wallpaper On The Accent Wall, Side Tables, Table Lamp, Black Ceiling Lamp
Bedroom With Grey Linen, Pillows, Wall Decors, Action Figure On Acryllic Shelves, Shelves
Bedroom With City Drawing Wallpaper, White Nightstand, Batman Lego Figure, Marvel Dc Linen

This December, Aquaman hits the cinema and all people, in their holiday, come to see the life story of this superhero from DC. It’s amazing how comic can affect our life so tremendously. It starts with comic books, and then it spreads to the posters in your room, the linen, the clothes you wear, and now we have them in live action movies. Many people, kids especially, have also been greatly affected by the story of superheroes that they choose for their role model. When we were children, it’s always a happy thing to have ourĀ  favorite things surround us. And that’s exactly what kids nowadays think too. Having their superheroes decorated in their bedroom would make them joyful. And for that, let’s see how superhero theme bedroom can turn into.


Wall Decorations

The easiest way to decorate a kid’s room in superhero theme is by having some action figure to put in the shelves or as wall decoration. Besides that, you can always choose a neutral linen that also is a color characteristically pointing a superhero like red and blue for Captain America. By going with something neutral, without picture, when your kid has another thing to like, you will always be able to use it again.


Pillows and Wall Decorations

Another thing that is not permanent is pillow with superhero drawings. If the room is quite minimalist, adding pillows with superman drawing pretty much change the theme in the room. Not to mention have the wall decoration and wallpaper.


Batman Masks

It’s sometimes difficult to pick side wither DC or Marvel comics that you like better. However, if you like both, you just combine it. In the picture below you can see that one side of the wall is covered with little batman masks. And although it’s not so colorful, this is enough to make a superhero themed. Add another wall decoration and pillows in, and it’s done.


City Wallpaper

As you know, superheroes are so many and usually they helped people on the street, whether by hanging from building to building, flying across the city, or running through the street. That is why, a city drawing as the wallpaper will complete the look in the bedroom. It clearly will make the superhero theme comes stronger.


Superhero Baby

If it’s you who love superheroes, well, you might want to decorate your baby’s room with superhero decoration. Here below is an idea on how to make it pretty: strictly on the decoration, on the wall and pillows.


Going All Out

Still for you who want your baby to love superheroes as much as you do, this baby room might make you fall in love. The wall is decorated with strongest weapon of the superheroes as if it tries to break the wall, the cribs are full with stuffed superheroes, not to mention the comic posters, cot toys, and Superman rugs.


Subtle Not Subtle

If you want to go a little subtle, you can try a plain linen and add some pillows with the superheroes logos, instead of their face. And do that too for the wall decors.


Serious Fans

This one here is for a kid who is a serious fans. The Batman theme wallpaper in accent wall is a strong thing. And then the bed is shaped like Batmobile with big Wonder Woman face. The red wall is decorated with six different superheroes.


Captain America Logo

While some people like to go all strong with their superheroes obsession, some people like to go subtle by only showing superheroes logo, like this one here. From the size of the logo (on the wall), it seems like a serious fan. However, it’s only the logo, without the superhero himself.


On More Cheerful Notion

While the previous ones show dark or strong color, this one here shows more cheerful note like yellow and light blue. The superheroes things are seen in the pillows, posters, and the sity drawing wallpaper.

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