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kitchen with white cabinet, white kitchen top, colorful patterned tiles, soft colored cabinets on top, plants on the window Facebook

Kitchen With White Cabinet Under Black Kitchen Top, White Cabinet On Top, White Storage Cupboard, Island With Black Stool
Small Kitchen With White Cabinet On Top, Under, White Kitchen Top, White Sink, Shelves, Large Windows
Small Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Tiles Backsplash, Colorful Wallpaper, White Patterned Tiles
Kitchen With White Cabinet Under And On Top Wooden Kitchen Top, Light Grey Hexagonal Tiles, Black Modern Pendant
Small Kitchen With White Cabinet Under And On Top Brown Tiles Kitchen Top, Colorful Backsplash, Yellow Patterned Tiles
Small Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Sink, Black And White Backsplash, Wooden Stool
Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Colorful Patterned Tiles, Soft Colored Cabinets On Top, Plants On The Window
Small Kitchen Open Room With Living Room With Dark Glass Kitchen Top, White Cainet On Top, Wooden Island For Dining Area With White Stool
Small Kitchen With White Cabinet Under And On Top, Brown Wooden Kitchen Top, Brown Backsplash, Blue Pendant, Grey Floor
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Yellow Accent Wall, White Wall, White Cabinet Under Wooden Kitchen Top, White Sink, Windows, White Pendant

Small space is always challenging. And when you try to making a kitchen, you would want to consider all things like water duct, trash management, air circulation, storage and so many other things. One of the safest theme for your small space kitchen is modern theme. With modern kitchen, your kitchen will look sleek and free from clutters, exactly what you need for small space kitchen.


Near the Windows

One of the best thing for your kitchen is to have the best air circulation because if the room is used to cook, you will not want to collect all the heat inside, especially with a small kitchen. Another thing that will look good in a small kitchen is having white look, like this one here.


Open Kitchen

If you can’t afford windows, another thing you can do is by having an open concept room, like this one here below. With an open room, the air will flow better and you will not be suffocated. This one here no only successfully have kitchen and living room in one open room. It also has island for dining place. It’s simple and small yet it completed the room perfectly.


Black Accent

Even though white is perfect for a small room, having some accent will make the room balanced. In this picture, you can see the kitchen top is black and the floor is patterned. This is a good attempt to decorate the room without being colorful.


Warm Ambiance

If you want warmth in your kitchen but still stick with white furniture, you can always give wooden touch as white and wooden look is always a good combination. With wooden touch, you will be able to have warmth in the kitchen.


Soft and White

Similar to the previous ones, this one too has white color mostly in the kitchen. However, this one here has been decorated prettily with soft colored tiles which even they are patterned, they don’t make the room feel suffocating. In fact, it makes the room less formal and more inviting, especially those soft colored cabinet on top and the plants near the window.


Industrial Touch

With white furniture in small kitchen, you can take control on simplest things just to create a really different look. This one here has white furniture and brown wooden kitchen top that makes it minimalist. However, with that pendant and grey colored  hexagon tiles, it’s all changing.


Yellow Accent Wall

If you have enough room to experiment with accent wall, you can choose something with fresh and fun look. Something with patterns that you will love to see everyday.


Colorful Accent

If you don’t have too much space to experiment with colors, you can still do it even with your limited space. Once you find an empty space, you can spice it up with something beautiful, like the picture here below. With colorful flowers drawing or wallpaper, the kitchen look more cheerful.


Wooden Accent

This one here only uses white on the kitchen top where all the ingredients to cook is put However, the rest of the room is brown wood with black and white tiles backsplash that continues to the ceiling on the shelves back. Although it’s not all white, the wooden accent gives natural and calm touch to the kitchen.


Colorful Kitchen

In this small kitchen, although the floor is yellow patterned tiles and also with colorful backsplash, the white cabinet around helps the room to give more airy and larger look.

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