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bathroom, floor tiles, wooden wall, white marble tub with artistic shape, wooden floating shelves Vintage Tub

Brown Raw Wooden Look Bath Tub, White Marble, Black Shelves With White Marble Sink And Backsplash, Mirror,
Black Stone Round Tub, Golden Faucet, Floating Shelves, Marble Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Floor Tiles, Wooden Wall, White Marble Tub With Artistic Shape, Wooden Floating Shelves
Unique White Tub With White Faucet, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Shelves
Smooth Wooden Bath Tub With Sleek Lines, Wooden Slabs Floor And Wall
Unique Grey Bathtub, Wooden Chevron Floor, Wide Glass Window, Pendant
Wooden Boat Shaped Baht Tub With Wooden Board Across, On Marble Floor
Ivory Bathtub, Chaneling Pattern, Silver Faucet, Grey Seamless Floor And Wall, Wide Mirror
Glossy Wooden Bathtub, White River Stone On The Floor, White Square Tiles, White Tiny Wall Files, Wooden Cabinet
White Bathtub With One Corner Higher Than The Other, Blue Wall Tiles, Wooden Floor

Bath tub can be really simple but it can have great details that will make whoever sees it fall in love with it. It can create a whole new different vibe in the bathroom, even the most neutral and simple one. Bath tub can bring not only a fun time in taking a bath but also beauty to the bathroom. And these stunningly gorgeous bathtubs will show you how beautiful they are.

High Corner
An unusual designed bath tub is seen here with smooth and sleek lines. This one here will look good to a modern bathroom. IT can also be a great stand point in a room.

Black Stone
If you love to have a bathtub that will cool you down and make you relax while taking a bath, this cool black stone bathtub will give you what you need even from the first sight. This one here also becomes the center of the sight in the bathroom, looking like a great point in the middle of the neutral white ambiance.

Pretty White
While the previous one becomes a center in its darkness, this one here becomes the center by being glossy white. Its unique design brings strong character that makes it a great point here.

Raw Look
Those who love rustic vibe will love this one here that displays the rawness of natural look. This one here looks bold and this will leave a strong impression.

Smooth and Different
Similar to the previous one, this one here shows the unique bathtub in white color. With its starkness, it can bring contrast to the room especially when the room is neutral in grey like this one.

Grey Big
Another unique bath tub seen here looks great in its large shape and size among the natural view and neutral look. The pendants above it has been a great details to the neutral surrounding. This one here brings modernity to the fullest.

Wooden Tub
This wooden tub looks amazingly natural and practical. With its glossy surface, it will need less maintenance. The white river stone under the tub completes the natural look on this bathroom.

Wooden Boat
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also built from wood and it looks smooth although it’s matte. The boat looking shape makes it fun to taking a bath without making you feel guilty to relax and have fun as adult.

Smooth Wood
Similar to the previous one, this one here also embraces the wood material. However, with smoother surface and sleek design. Positioned on a bathroom with wooden slabs floor and wall, the bathroom looks marvelous.

Channeling Pattern
It is really interesting to have channeling carved pattern on the outer surface. The sleek and smooth surface looks amazing especially with smooth and seamless floor and wall like this one here. The wide and large window plays a great deal to make the bathroom looks incredible too.

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