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soft peach wall and floor, peach floating vanity, white round sink, white pendant, peach metal line rack Interior Zine

Pink Vanity, White Textured Wall, White Framed Mirror, White Tall Sink, White Floor
Blue Cabinet, White Sink, One Furniture, Blue Background, Mirror
Grey Wall, White Sink, Grey Cabinet, Tall Mirror, White Sconces
Wooden Vanity, White Counter Top, Pink Round Sink, White Marble Wall, Mirrors, Pink Hexagonal Wall Tiles
Soft Lime Wall, Floor, Floating Cabinet, Mirror With LED On The Back, Floating Rack, White Chair
Peach Wall, Peach Floor, Peach Floating Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Sink, Round Mirror
Soft Peach Wall And Floor, Peach Floating Vanity, White Round Sink, White Pendant, Peach Metal Line Rack
Cream Wall, Soft Navy Wall, Dark Green Vanity, Grey Floor
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, White Wooden Wainsocting, Cream Wall, Mirror, Blue Floating Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Bowl Sink, White Toilet
Vanity, Pink Wall, White Floating Vanity Cabinet, White Bowl Sink, Round Mirro

The ambiance in the bathroom can be helped by the perfectly decorated vanity. If you love to decorate it in calming and relaxing look, you will love to decorate it in the soft colored like pastel color. These below are some stunning examples of pastel vanity that you will love. Coming with nice and pretty design vanity, the vanity is not just about color, although sometimes that’s what it takes to create a nice ambiance. These ones brings out lines, textures and pattern to create a calming setting.

Pink Pastel
In this beautiful pastel vanity, the setting is really calming and sweet. The white wall is enriched with subtle details that make the room look calming. It is enhanced by soft pink cabinet in the middle of white sinks. This smooth and clean cabinet looks pronounced even in its soft look.

Soft Peach
This one here brings a pretty ambiance with soft peach color basks the smooth wall and floor. The floating vanity looks light and nice with line details that match the rack on the side. White sink and pendant bring complementary touches here.

Soft Lime
While lime can be so bold and strong, the softer shade can be so beautiful. It is cheerful but not too much. And creating a room with the entire space basked in this color surely makes the room feels amazing.

Peach Ambiance
Similar to one of the previous one, this one also has a cheerful note delivered by peach color on the entire room. Combined with white counter top, sink and mirror, this room feels modern, especially with clean lines and smooth surface.

Green Blue
To create an interesting look, you can combine soft pastel with dark colored touch. This one here combines blue wall with dark green cabinet and it makes a great combination.

Minimalist Vanity
This one here shows a really minimalist setting with white sink stacked above the grey round cabinet. The combination is brilliant. The minimalist look shows a strong and great look overall.

One Compact Cabinet
If you love minimalist and simple look, you would love this blue white cabinet. The simple and smooth design offers not only storage but also white clean sink on top. Placed upon matching blue wall, this minimalist cabinet looks even better.

Soft and Detailed
This bathroom offers an interesting look by combining soft wall and patterned floor. The pastel look in the wall is completed with cream wall, backsplash, blue floating cabinet with white top and toilet while the patterned floor gives detailed pattern on the floor.

Pastel Wall
As you can see, creating pastel look does not always mean that the cabinet itself in pastel color. This one here shows how creamy pink wall and white floating vanity can give you beautiful look too.

Soft Sink and Wall
In this one,the soft setting is offered by the pink sink in the vanity. But, with pink hexagonal wall tiles, the ambiance in the vanity has the same pastel effect.

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