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vanity with white marble, white concrete sink, arabesque tiels on green scheme colors on the wall Pinterest

Bathroom With Marble Floor, White Toilet, Wooden Cabinet With White Marble Vanity, Round Mirror, Sconce, Pearl Colored Arabesque Tiles
Bathroom With Grey Wall, Long Chandelier, White Cabinet With White Top, White Table, Grey Tub, Dark Grey Arabesque Tiles
Vanity With Grey Wall, White Arabesque Tiles On Accent Wall, Marble Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror On The Wall, Sconces
Vanity With White Marble, White Sink, Round Mirror, Blue Arabesque Tiles
Room With Wooden Floor, Dark Colored Wooden Cabinet, Grey Marble Vanity, Grey Arabesque Accent Wall, Mirror, White Sconces
Vanity With White Marble, White Concrete Sink, Arabesque Tiels On Green Scheme Colors On The Wall
Vanity With White Marble, Silver Inside, Blue Arabesque Tiles On The Wall
Blue Arabesque Tiels Wall On The Shower With Dark Colored Metal Shower
Bathroom Withwooden Floor, Pink Stool, White Tub, White Arabesque Tiles On The Wall, White Shelves
Bathroom With Marble Tub With White Inside, Arabesque Tiles On Accnet Around White Subway Tiles

Going classic does not mean going out of date. Classic look can mean an old and long lasting. And something long lasting means it’s beautiful in the eye of olden people and modern people. Many olden styles have been come again in the present. And many have been coming in with slight adjustment to the modern style.

And , this  one tiles here is also a classic thing. It has been an old thing from the Byzantine Empire. However, its beauty can last even 600 years later. Because of its decorative look, it’s often seen in the kitchen and bathroom. But now. let’s see how it’s installed on the bathroom.


Arabesque Accent

Also called as Moroccan shaped tiles or kasbah tiles, arabesque tiles have pretty curve on the side. It can look feminine but its tip determines something strong, like in masculine form. This tiles are looking beautiful in both feminine and masculine way. To make it to be the focus of the room, having arabesque accent wall is a great idea.


Grey Hue Accent

While white arabesque tiles can make accent walls so subtly interesting, this one here has quite stronger impression. With some different colors on top part of the wall, it makes it have an interesting scheme.


Color Scheme

Having arabesque tiles can make the wall interesting by its own shapes. Sometimes having it in white is enough because it’s subtle. But, having some colors on it can be beautiful too. This one here installed arabesque tiles with green, white, and grey; creating quite a Moroccan ambiance in that warm color scheme.


Glimmering on the Wall

Another thing that arabesque tiles can do is reflecting a really nice light. It does not reflecting as full as mirror but its reflections of light can be mesmerizing. Of course, choosing the tile material is the key here. But, having arabesque pattern will add the effect.


Modern Classic

When it comes to classic pattern, it is easy to get all classic. However, with the right color and finish, it is easy to get different look too. This one here might be in classic shapes arabesque pattern, but the light blue color is all modern.


Pearl Color

Putting arabesque tiles means that the room will get fully attention because of the pattern. However, when it has really beautiful color and effect, it will take the beauty on different level. This one here using pearl color and effect. The beauty of the tiles and the illuminating light is really appealing.


On the Shower

Taking step further from the sink, arabesque tiles are also a fascinating detail in a shower room. Having it in slightly different colors will create broken white color palette which is very an endearing sight.


Accent on Tub

Because of its shape details, for some people who love subtlety it might look too much. However, because of it can create a stunning look, some people still installed it for the accent in the bathroom. This one here is for those who love the details but not yet ensured that they can take that much.


Completely Nice

For those who love the details and bold enough to bring arabesque pattern on the entire wall, this look is what might you get, especially if you also choose white color. It’s beautiful and not demanding for attention. Not the common tiles but not taking too much too.


To the Floor

While it might be popular on the wall, it does not mean its use is restricted on the wall. Installing arabesque tiles on the floor has its own charm.

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