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bathroom with grey wall, white marmered table top, white sink, golden framed mirror, golden chandelier, golden weave tiles Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Bathroom With Wooden Wall And Floor, Turquiose Wall Accent With Golden Frames Decoration, White Toilet, White Sink, Plants, Mirror
Bathroom With White Tile Wall, Wooden Accent Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Round Mirror, Lighting Fixtures, White Tiles
Bathroo With White Ceiling, Walls, Dark Grey Accent Walls, White Oitlet, Golden Shelves, Golden Wall Accessories, Wooden Floor
Bathroom With Grey Wall, White Marmered Table Top, White Sink, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Chandelier, Golden Weave Tiles
Bathroom Wtih Textured Wall And Floor, Grey Painted Wall, Round Mirror, Brown Wooden Top With Grey Marble Sink, Sconce, Grey Toilet
Bathroom With White Hexagonal Tiles Floor, Smooth Marble Wall With Wooden Accent Wall, White Table With Golden Sink, White Moving Shelves, White Toilet
Bathroom With Light Grey Wall, Brown Wooden Floor, White Patterned Accent Wall, White Sconce, White Marble Top With White Sink Dark Brown Faucet, Round Mirror
Bathroom With Grey Stripes Tiles On Shower, Glass Window, Blue Pattern Accent Walls In Shower, Golden Shower
Bathroom With Grey Wall, Orange Bricks Accent Wall, Grey Bathroom Table With White Sink, Black Patterned Tiles
Bathroom With Grey Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Glowing Tiles On The Back Of The White Toilet, Sconce

Playing with color is always exciting and fun. And when you’re renovating you house, playing with the color wall might be as much fun. However, color is not the only way to play with your wall. You can also play with patter and texture also. Giving accent to walls will make your room different, lively, and fun. Let’s dig in!


Grey and White Braid

In this beautiful bathroom, you can see the play in the wall that also includes the floor. With white weave on the wall that continue to the wall, the bathroom is unique not only because it’s uncommon pattern to have in bathroom but also it makes the plain grey wall be the accent wall. The composition of the room itself is really beautiful with grayish color of the tiles match perfectly with the plain grey of the wall, the sink, and the toilet.


Turquoise Accent 

Similar to the previous one, this one too has a plain painted wall as an accent to the wooden wall and floor. Because of the total difference on both color and texture, this accent really brings out the difference and it makes the bathroom unique and modern.


Brick Accent

This one here in the picture shows a brick accent among the grey walls that also continue to the bathroom. With all grey surrounding, the open brick effect really gives it all out. In this super minimalist bathroom, the brick really brings out the modern feeling out of it.


Sparkling Accent

While the previous one has open brick accent, this one here has sparkling glow that comes from the back of the toilet. This glow gives light playing to the bathroom with plain grey wall and floor.


Golden Weave

If you’re looking for another textured sparkling tiles for accent walls, this kind of weave might fall into your favorite. Similar with the previous pattern, this one also has weaving pattern but with golden chopper glow on the color. With this tiles, you will be able to have the elegance feeling.


Deep Accent 

In this bathroom here, we can see that the bathroom is small and long. Mostly the wall is in white and that is understandable because white makes cleaner and wide effect on a small room. But the dark accent wall on the back of the toilet doesn’t make it failed even though it’s not white. On the contrary, it creates deep effect of the bathroom.


Wood Accent 

Different from the previous one, this one here has accent of wood. Instead of only the painted wall, this one has texture. And as it completely different from the gloss smooth surface of tiles on its surrounding, it brings fresh effect. The wood accent gives natural feeling strongly. The lighting fixture and mirror match perfectly well.


Golden Wood Accent

Similar to the previous one, this one here too has wooden accent. It also has the white color surrounding the wood accent and has the similar golden light lingering on the wood walls. Clearly, this kind of set is a favorite.


White Pattern 

While the previous ones have patterned and textured accent wall, this one here even though it’s patterned, the texture is quite the same with the surrounding wall. This is probably one of the easiest to do. All you need to do is putting wallpaper to create different effect.


Blue Flower Accent 

This one here is an accent from  shower area of the bathroom. As you can see, the surrounding is grey stripes tiles while the accent tiles are blue flowery pattern beautifully set on the shower head. This makes the room looks fresh and more flowery than without the flower accent.

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