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mirror with wooden frame, shelves below, hanger at the back Homify

Mirror With Wooden Frame, Shelves Below, Hanger At The Back
Mirror With Black Thick Frame
Small Long Mirror With Black
Square Mirror With Three Thin Mirror Frame And Cabinet Inside
Mirror With Black Frame, Square, With Clear Smooth Support
Mirror With Golden Frame, Square With Smooth Corner
Mirror With Wooden Raw Frame
Big Square Mirror With Smooth Corner
Square Mirror With Metal Frame, Lamps
Simple Square Mirror With Black Frame

A small detail of the furniture in the room can make so much difference. Take it from a mirror that even though it’s small and fragile, it actually gives the room an expanse feeling. And it doesn’t have to be the big mirror. Even a small mirror can creates a continued feeling to the wall. And of course, the main purpose of to be able to see our own reflection in the mirror. Then, let’s see how varied a mirror can be.

Simple Standing Mirror

This mirror is really simple with not-perfectly square shape, the mirror has a smoothed corner in its two corners. Shaped like a leave doesn’t make the mirror less perceptive in making the room looks continued. It also helps you getting ready in the morning. With standing mirror this high, you can see your entire look.


Mirror Plus

Well, who doesn’t love one kind of furniture that has several functions? This one offers you the tidy you in morning and putting everything you need in preparing yourself in the shelves below the mirror. It also gives you the space to hang your clothes on the back of the mirror.


Lanky Mirror

Similar with the previous one, this one also serves function other than present you your reflection but also some space to hang your clothes.


Pretty Cute

This one is similarly simple as the first one. It gives you the clean black frame of the mirror too. The unique thing is that though the mirror leans back to the wall, it actually empty on the lowest part of the mirror.


Big Square Mirror

You want a huge impact in giving your room some more space as well as more space to see how you move when you dance? Well, a big mirror stand in your floor will help you get that all. As this is big already, having it simple, frame wise, will make it lees “grandeur”.


Lamps on Frame

For you who love to go a little bit romantic, you can add lamps. With silvery or metal frame mirror, the lamps will look even more shining as the light is reflected on the frame and it gives more twinkle effect.


Big, Thick Black Mirror

Now, for those who love more masculine or furniture with strong effect, you will love black framed mirror. The big one like this gives different power in the room as well.


Easy Mirror

Similarly simple, this one will also serve your room in the simplest way. but, it doesn’t mean it’s boring. For those who love minimalist room and life habit, this one is actually the best thing ever.


Elegant Cabinet Mirror

This one is also the kind of mirror that gives you more than reflection. The first best thing about this one is the elegant mirror layered frame that gives luxurious feeling to it. And the second one is safe keeping inside the mirror. It fits your jewellery perfectly.


Natural Wooden Frame

For you who love natural wooden furniture, this mirror is something that you can choose. With thick wooden frame, it shows a strong natural feeling.

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