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bathroom, black iron pendants, wooden vanity cabinet, wooden shelves, white wall, white marble top Studio McGee

Bathroom, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Marble Top, Black Iron Mirror With Shelves, Glass Bulb Adjointed Sconces
Bathroom, Black Iron Pendants, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, White Wall, White Marble Top
White Traditional Bathroom Sconces With Golden Line, White Wall, White Marble
Bathroom, White Long Pendant, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, White Top
Bathroom, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, White Marble Top, Mirror, Sconces With Golden Line And White Cover
Bathroom, White Wal, Wooden Cabinet, Mirror, White Top, Sconces With Glass And White Accent Inside
Bathroom, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Wall, Green Subway Tiles, White Sconces With Golden Accent, Mirror With Golden Frame
Bathroom, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, Grey Wall, Grey Top, Mirrors, Black Iron Traditional Sconce, Mirror
Clear Pendants With Stick, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Floor
Golden Sconce With Clear Lamp, White Marble Sink

If you care about how pretty your bathroom should look, you would also care about the small details like sconces. It gives you not only the light you need to get ready both to go out or sleep but also a pretty addition on the room. It completes the vanity set as simple or as luxurious as you have. A pretty vanity would have a pretty sconce(s) that match and complement the set. If you’re looking for beautiful details to your bathroom vanity, here below are some examples.

White Golden
If you have a white vanity, you would want to make sure that the vanity has a pretty accent. Putting something subtle yet pretty like these sconces right here would make the setting incredible. The golden lines are in line with all the golden details.

Adjoined Sconces
If you love something more rustic, unique yet also modern, this adjoined sconces with black iron can be a perfect choice. Putting above the mirror, this sconce is also a good option for you who have small space beside the mirror.

Smooth White Cover
This one here shows how pretty these simple sconces are. The golden lines combining with white smooth cover makes the sconces themselves look elegance in the simplest way. It also looks good with white and neutral setting.

White Golden Long
Although this one has the same white golden combination, the long modern sconces are not similar at all. However, the color combination makes them easy to install among the neutral setting that also has golden lines.

Traditional Black
For those who love rustic look, this black iron traditional sconce would be a gorgeous option. Seen below, it has completed a neutral bathroom with natural decorations on the vanity top.

Traditional White
While the previous one looks traditional and rustic, this one gives off more traditional and modern vibe. The white cover and golden rod are combined together beautifully. Besides putting off classic look, it also gives off elegance vibe.

Small Gold
This bathroom vanity has an incredible look with playing the contrast. The deep and dark wall is decorated with marble and golden touches. The sconces themselves bring out elegant and simple look with golden plat and clear lamp.

Easy and Clear
This bathroom vanity puts up an easy look with the sconces above the mirror. The clear cover of the sconces give subtlest thing. The sconces look like they do not exist in the bathroom and therefore they are easy to put in any room.

Black Touches
Similar to the golden sconces before, these black sconces also have easy and pretty complements to the bathroom with wooden cabinet and marble top. These black sconces give interesting touches to the natural vanity.

Long White
Similar to the long sconces before, this one also has a long and thin look. Put in a vanity with black and white accessories, the vanity gets on with easy and pretty setting.

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