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floating shelves with pink obre color ont he shelves and wall Domino

Floating Wooden Shelves With Small Spaces
Floating Shelves With Wooden Stairs
Hanging Shelves With Rattan Rope, Wooden Boards
Shelves With Metal Triangle Upward And Downward, Wooden Boards
Metal Floating Hexagonal Shelves With Wooden Boards
Floating Colorful Zigzag Shelves On The Corner, Rope
Floating Shelves With Industrial Pipes, Wooden Boards
Dented Built In Shelves With White Boards
Floating Shelves With Pink Obre Color Ont He Shelves And Wall
Hanging Shelves With Black Wire, Woden Boards

Decoration can change the atmosphere of a room to be warmer and more fun. If you love to collect decoration, you will need shelves to make all tidily kept in a great display. However, not only that the decoration needs to be pretty, the shelves itself needs to be stunning so that it will only be right. If you’re looking for gorgeous ideas on those shelves, you will need to see these ideas below.

Hang the Shelves
This first one is really interesting to be in the room. It creates pretty and lanky look. And, it is doable too if you love to make things on your own. That way, you will value the shelves even more.

With the Rope
Similar to the previous one, this one also finds the unique look from the hanging wooden boards on the rope that hang from pipes. It can also be done by your own. This one here comes with how you can do it on the source web, if you want to see how to make this one.

Pipe Shelves
For those who are into industrial styled furniture, something like this one will work perfect for the living room. With wooden boards, this one gives you space to put your decoration while also putting some spaces where you can put wall decoration onto the wall directly.

Hexagonal Shelves
This hexagonal shelves is great for a modern room that roots geometrical shape. And not only that it has geometric shape, it also has clean lines that meets modern look perfectly. This will be a unique look against neutral wall.

Triangles Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this shelves is a great piece for modern styled room too. With unique triangle metal facing upward and downward, this shelves looks amazing and gorgeous.

Floating Stairs
Another unique sight is seen in this floating shelves. With interesting board stairs arranged in compliment on this dark wall, the shelves look on point. The geometric lines create a modern vibe on it.

Zigzag on the Corner
If you want to use the corner of the room to something useful, a corner shelves like this one is one of the best solution. This one here strengthen the look of a corner room with its colorful boards and rope.

Shelves for Small Things
This floating wooden shelves is perfect for a minimalist room that wants something with details. The small spaces on the shelves might not be able to hold big decoration. But with small decoration, people would want to observe more to see the details on it.

Built-In Shelves
Another stunning ideas on making a great space for your decoration is by preparing it from the start. This one here is a built-in space in round shape that has offered difficult ways to follow although it has simple shape.

Pink Ombre
This pink floating shelves looks amazing with its ombre color of pink. The amazing thing is that not only the wall is in ombre but so is the floating shelves. It will make the room blush in the best way possible. So does the ones who see it.

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