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bathroom, orange wall, white tub, orange floating vanity with shelves, white tub, Specifier Review

Bathroom, Yellow Wall, White Bottom Wall, Vanity Table White Counter Top, Patterned Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Soft Green Wall, White Floating Vanity Cabinet With White Top, Round Mirror, Golden Chandelier, Golden Sconces, White Green Plaid Patterned Floor
Bathroom, Terazzo Wall, Mint Green Wall, Terazzo Tiles, White Ceiling
Bathroom, Blue Wall, White Black Polka Dot Floor Tiles, White Floating Shelves, Whtie Toilet
Bathroom, Pink Wall, White Floating Toilet, Glass Partition, Black Whtie Plaid Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Blue Wall, Wooden Vanity Cabinet White Counter Top, White Toilet, Brown Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Pink Wall, White Tub, White Floor Tiles, White Toilet
Bathroom, Olive Green Wall, Round Mirror, Black White Herringbone Floor, Black Vanity Table
Bathroom, Orange Wall, White Tub, Orange Floating Vanity With Shelves, White Tub,
Bathroom, Green Wall, Exposed Brich Look, Brown Marble Floor Tiles, White Toilet, Green Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror

Having an interesting bathroom will make anyone feel happy. And if you are the one who owns the room, you get to enjoy the room every day and you can show it proudly to your guests. One of the unique and interesting things to do is by doing some monochrome action in the bathroom or combining colors in the bathroom like these ones below.

Mint Green
For those who love cold and stark color, mint green can appear fresh and modern at once and it will look refreshing near a shower. This one combines the fresh look of mint green and terrazzo on the floor to create even more interesting bathroom.

Bright Sun
A cheerful bathroom can prettify as well as entertain you even without getting inside. Just looking at the bright color, you will feel energized. And with the right combination like this one, you can smile just looking at the space from outside.

Avocado Green
If you love a warmer green look compare to the previous one, this one here brings you the solution in a really amazing look. Almost on the entire wall, avocado green surround you from the wall, excluding the backsplash and the shower area which are covered with tiles.

Burnt Orange
This is another idea for those who love a cheerful and fun note in the bathroom. The burnt orange in this bathroom looks so strong, not only on how it is splattered almost on the entire room but also because of it strong and bold shade. Completed with white sink and tub, the colors are pronounced together.

Coral Pink
For a sweet lover, this coral pink will get you the sweet and fun ambiance in the bathroom, especially when it is playfully combined with plaid pattern on the floor like this one.

Pure Green
Green has a strong fresh character that if you add green in the room, you can expect a refreshed feeling. Seen in this one is a beautiful bathroom with green wall that continues its fresh look to the vanity and put some contrast in it with white toilet and sink.

Blushed Pink
While the previous one goes with modern look, this pink bathroom goes with natural touches. With pink, the room with plants look blushed sweetly.

Soft Green
Going with soft shades can also be fun. This one here puts soft green on the wall to complete the classic and elegant bathroom. With neutral white cabinet and golden sconces and chandelier, the room looks energizing in a way while showing elegance on the other way.

Royal Blue
In this powder room, the rich royal blue wall look so strong and even stronger with white companion in the room, one the floating toilet and shelves. In this small space, the rich color has a strong character as one combination.

Fresh Blue
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a rich colored blue that looks brilliant in the small room, especially with bright light comes from the window.

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