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narrow bathroom with brown wood pattern tiles, rug, white cabinet with white marble top, black tub with white inside, wooden board, golden rails, white tiles wall One Kings Lane

Long Bathroom With Blue Floor, Whtie Wall, Whtie Toilet, White Bathtub, Golden Faucet And Shower, Glass Partition
Bathroom With White Tiles On The Floor And Wall, White Tub, White Toilet, Shower, Wooden Stools, Rug, Plants
Bathroom With Dark Floor, White Toilet, White Sink Vanity, White Pear Bathtub With Shower, Glass Partition, White Wall, Red Wall
Bathroom With White Wall, White Marble Floor, White Tiels Accent Wall, Golden Pendant, White Bathtub, White Toilet, White Vanity
Modern Bathroom With Tiles On Floor, Bathtub, And Accent Wall, Black Floating Vanity With Sink, Cabinet, Mirror, Black Shower And Lamp
Long And Narrow Bathroom With Patterned Tiles On Floor, White Tile On Wall, Round Curtain Cail, White Tub, White Toilet, White Cabinet And Mirro
Bathroom With Blue Tiles On Floor, White Tiles On Wall, Grey Tiles Accent Wall, White Framed Window, White Tub, Wooden Cabinet With Grey Op
Narrow Bathroom With Brown Wood Pattern Tiles, Rug, White Cabinet With White Marble Top, Black Tub With White Inside, Wooden Board, Golden Rails, White Tiles Wall
Bathroom With White Tiles On Wall, Patterned Tiles On Floor, White Small Vanity, Round Mirror, Metal Shelves
Bathroom With White Hexagon Tiles Floor, White Tile On The Wall, White Toilet, White Bathtub, Silver Faucet And Shower

Sometimes, when we have small bathroom, we have to really consider how the room will not feel cramped without forgetting the beauty that needs to hold. Small bathroom sometimes limit the options that we can do with our bathroom, like omitting bathtub. However, for you who love bathtub and seek relaxation from bathtub, you will not need to worry because small bathroom does not mean you have to omit bathtub. Here below are some ideas to pull.


Tight Bathroom

It might be tight but when a bathroom can deliver what it is needed from, it becomes best thing. Bathroom in the picture below uses the common color used for small bathroom: white. With white tiles, toilet, and bathtub, it doesn’t look so cramped. The bathtub itself is only a small one one the corner.


White on Dark

Even though white has been a favorite color for small bathroom, it does not mean dark color becomes the least favorite. On the contrary, dark color can give depth to the room and can boost the color of other things in the bathroom like the toilet, the sink, the bathtub which are all in white. Even though this  bathroom is small, the small and compact fills can help the room looks larger.


Thin and Long

When facing a long bathroom with narrow wide, the only thing you an do to arrange your things is by putting them in one line, like this one here. With white color with so many different textures and patterns, this bathroom is although in all white, has a wave of color. The golden pendant and faucet as well as the wood board give a simple touch here and there.


Blue Stars

Surrounded by white color, one can feel the need to give something different to bring stronger impression. That can be done by installing blue pattern flooring, just like this one here below. With star pattern, it looks like the bathroom has a light both in the white reflection or on the floor. The small white tub sit peacefully upon these stars.


Small Bowl 

This one here is also a long and narrow bathroom that all toilet furniture will be in one line. But, that is not a problem when the furniture also follows the shape of the room, long, thin, or narrow. The cabinet is seen long. But the white pretty bowl of tub is seen narrow with a great curve.


Getting Antique

Small bathroom also does not limit the theme option you want to decorate your bathroom with. Modern might be the popular one, but getting some curve with antique look won’t hurt as long as the size is adjusted. In this bathroom, the wooden pattern tiles in chevron give old feeling.  The white cabinet and all the golden handlers seem to strengthen the antique look. The curve and the color of the tub agree with the floor too. It looks old without getting too grand in size.


High but Slim

If you love the effect of grand tub but you have small space bathroom, bathtub with higher height might help you with that. But of course, the wide and length will need to adapt with the bathroom size.


With Curtain

While the other long and narrow bathroom put the tub on the farthest corner of the bathroom, this one is for you if the narrow width cannot take the length of bathroom. You can put the tub along the long wall. This one here added a round curtain rail to create more privacy.


Put a Small One

The best thing about tub is that you can sit around when you cleanse yourself. And that enables you to have a great relaxing time. This one here is really small but it allows you to do that all.


In One 

To create a unique look, you can continue the tiles from the floor, the tub, to the wall with different pattern of installation, like this one here has. It looks fun and unique that the tub do not look like it’s added and weighing the bathroom. The black floating vanity here is pretty and interesting too.

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