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bathroom, white floor, white wall, black pendants, white tub, wooden side table, wooden chairs, white cabinet, vanity, mirror House Topics

Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Concrete Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink
Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, Long Narrow Brown Tub, White Walll
Bathroom, Neutral Floor Tiles, Neutral Wall Tiles, Neutral Hexagonal Wall Tiles, White Tub, Wooden Tray, Indented Wall
Bathroom, White Floor, White Tub, White Wall, White Floating Vanity, Mirror, Wooden Rack, Rattan Basket
White Seamless Floor, White Tub, Indented, Floating Wooden Vanity, White Sinks, Mirrors
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Black Pendants, White Tub, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Chairs, White Cabinet, Vanity, Mirror
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Tub, White Side Table, Sliding Door, Windows, Shower Area With Glass
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Golden Lines On The Wall, White Pendants, Cream Wall, White Marble Partition, White Tub, Black White Plaid Ottoman
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Floating Wooden Bench, Brown Marble Tub, White Subway Wall Tiles, Glass Window
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Light Brown Curvy Tub

For those who love to match the interior of the house, decorating a bathroom would be as important as decorating the other room. And if you determine to decorate the room in modern look, you would love to stay true to modern look in the bathroom as well. It is so easy to understand why people like to go with modern look. The easy lines and smooth surface makes it hard not to love it. These below are ten stunning minimalist and modern bathroom where you can get some inspirations from.

Bold White Tub
If you are looking for something bold in the minimalist bathroom, you can play with the color. This one here puts a simple white tub among the grey brown natural background that makes it pronounced. The neutral background has subtle details that makes it interesting.

Minimalist Concrete
This bathroom puts grey concrete on the space and make it perfectly minimalist. This light grey background blends perfectly well with white tub and sink. This is as minimalist as it can be.

Seamless White
Similar to the previous one, this white bathroom makes a perfect minimalist look too with its white seamless floor, wall and the tub. The floating vanity brings something different in the bathroom without getting too much.

Minimalist Setting
In this tiny Tokyo apartment, the setting of the bathroom is set in minimalist. The vanity is as simple as white sink, the shower room is really simple with white wall, and a simple white tub is set in front of it with a quite interesting angle.

Natural Ambiance
One of the best thing to combine nature and modern look is by going on white and brown combination, as seen below. The white subway wall tiles look glossy and shining while the brown wood on the floor and bench balance it. The brown marble tub is looking pronounced yet calm here.

White on White Setting
This is another easy combination when you’re not sure but you want the best option: white on white. This white on white setting looks so easy in the eye. It is bright but not too vibrant. It brings out large and airy feeling while going modern and minimalist.

Bright Bathroom
This bathroom here brings out the brightness by combining white marble on the floor and wall and tub while also generating maximum level of lights from the window. It is fresh and beautiful.

Interesting Details
Although at glance this one is really minimalist, it has unique details when you see closer. The white background obviously makes the room seems to make the decoration to pop out. And it successfully make the unique wooden-rattan chair, black lamp and the narrow and long vanity to look pronounced.

Rectangular Tub
This minimalist bathroom looks interesting from the lack of details. The rectangular tub offers sharp corners and it all looks clear among the white wall and neutral floor.

Soft and Calm
This minimalist set offers calm and serenity for those who need it. The soft colored tub goes really well with the seamless white floor and wall and also the wooden floor.

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