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bamboo bed platform, brown floor, cream wall, rattan rug, rattan pendant Planete Deco

Bamboo Frame, Purple Bed, Grey Floor, Colorful Pillows, Purple Rug
Wooden Platform With Patterns, Cream Wall, Grey Rug, Grey Linen, Grey Chair
Wooden Plank Platform, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, Grey Bed, Side Table
Wooden Box Platform With White Linen, Wooden Headboard, Grey Seamles Floor, Dark Wall
Bamboo Bed Platform, Brown Floor, Cream Wall, Rattan Rug, Rattan Pendant
Wooden Platform, Green Linen, Grey Floor, Rug, Wooden Bench, Pendant
Bamboo Bed Platform, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wooden Beams, White Cushion
Wooden Platform, Floating Side Table, Patterned Slab Headboard, Wooden Ceiling, Grey Wall
Wooden Platform, White Bed, Grey Linen, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Bench, White Floor
Wooden Platform, Grey Floor, Rattan Rug, Leather Chair, Grey Ceiling

Natural furniture is so endearing and easy to position in a room as it can complement any style. If you love to create something natural in the bedroom, you would love these inspirations below as it presents unique and beautiful natural bed platform that will meet what you’re looking for. Mostly made from bamboo or wood, these bed platform gives a refreshing touch to the bedroom. If you’re decorating a simple and natural bedroom, you’ll love these ones immediately.

Wood Platform
This wooden platform is easily found. You can buy something with wooden protection and this wood platform might be what you get. It is eco-friendly and it brings warmth and natural feeling at the same time.

Wood Pattern
Similar to the previous one, this one too has wooden platform to support the bed. With side table and headboard added to this one, this one here has grander and more elegant look. The pattern on the wood gives rustic touch on it.

Floating Table
This one here also has floating table on the side and the the headboard is patterned. However, this one here is simpler and it has the raw and rustic touch. With its emphasis on the headboard, the bed looks light and perfect for natural inspired room.

Simple Platform
If you’re trying to create minimalist bedroom, this wooden platform is perfect for you. Without headboard, this one only support the bed in a subtle way. If you are trying to decorate with minimalist look, this will be able to help you get what you want.

Wooden Box
Another simple look is seen in this one below with thick and simple look. The design itself looks minimalist with box shape that hug the bed fittingly. The wooden box gives the bed more space to put books or phone.

Wooden Plank
This platform that has plank look is really interesting. It gives the room fun and warm ambiance at the same time. The continued side table on the side is practical and pretty too. The striped pattern makes it a great option for modern look too.

Around the Bed
This one also has similar square box design with lower platform. This design brings another place to put your things and gives warm look.

Bamboo Box
With box design, this one here has different material from the previous one. This one here has more exotic look with bamboo box to support the bed. With colorful pillows, this bed looks even more exotic.

Simple Bamboo
Just like the simple design the wooden material has, this bamboo bed platform can also present it perfectly well. The simple design allows the bamboo to line and the bed is ready to be supported. This look will make your minimalist room feel merrier without making it too much.

Exotic Bamboo
Similarly, this one here also put bamboo bed platform to support the bed. The overall brown look seems so exotic. And with the bamboo support, everything is strengthened.

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