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kitchen with wooden floor, black cabinet on top of the counter top, black shelves, open storage under the counter top, black island with grey top, plants pots built in the island Jihan Shanum

Kitchen With Grey Floor, Black Cabinet, Off White Walls And Open Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Subway Tiles Backsplash, Black Island With White Top, Round Dining Table With White Modern Chairs, Glass Pendant, Wooden Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet On Top Of The Counter Top, Black Shelves, Open Storage Under The Counter Top, Black Island With Grey Top, Plants Pots Built In The Island
Kitchen With White Floor, Black Cabinet Under Wooden Counter Top, Black Wall And Some Of The Ceiling, Open Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Planks Floor, White Wall, Smooth Black Cabinet And Cupboards, Black Counter Top
Kitchen With Black Floor Tiles, Black Wooden Cabinet, Black Cupboard, White Subway Tiles,
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet Underr Marble Counter Top, White Subway Tiles On The Wall, Wooden Open Shelving
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Island With Wooden Chairs, Black Cabinet, Black Herringbone Backsplash, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen With White Floor Tiles, White Marble On Backsplash, White Cabinet, White Wall, Black Marble Island
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet With Golden Handles, White Tiles Backsplash, White Walls With White Open Shelves, Black Wooden Island With Black Top

Black has been really popular in interior, especially in bathroom. However, not only bathroom that can be beautifully furbished with black. So is kitchen. Black color can be applied in the kitchen as good too. With bright light, black kitchen can look mesmerizing and beautiful at the same time. When trying to have black color in the kitchen, it does not have to be boldly black in the entire room. It can be some accent and lines too, depending on how bold you want to go. Here below are some black in kitchen room.


Black Marble

As black can be really dark and powerful, some people might want to tone it down. One of the best way is by putting black marble. Marble always has beautiful pattern in the stone that will make the stone looks so pretty just being itself. Having black marble with some pattern will make it not too black. With some pattern, it will be less bold.


Black Wood

One of the tricks that can help black pops out is by combining it with white. Although for those who think black color can be too strong, using black as an accent while the other is in white too makes such a great sight. This one here uses black as the island and while the room is in white, this black color looks so bold here.


Black with PatternĀ 

In creating black kitchen, one might think that there should be one point where this needs to be lighter. Well, the fun part of black kitchen can be taken up to the floor or kitchen backsplash. In this one here, the kitchen backsplash is where the owner plays with pattern but not entirely leaving black.


Two TonesĀ 

As white is the opposite of black, this tow colors are more often to be used together. With white, black is balanced, and vice versa. In creating black kitchen here, the designer put these two colors in two different area, top and bottom. With cabinet and island, bulky black is on the bottom. To balance it, the backsplash and the wall are on white, as well as the light and open shelves.


Simple Black

Black is an easy color to be work on when one wants to get modern looks. With black neutrality, having it in the sleek and smooth cabinet is enough to do it.


Modern Look

As simple as the previous one, this one here too has an endearing black look in the kitchen with its wooden cabinet. Added with a beautiful and simple subway tiles as backsplash, this one here is even more modern.


Sleek Black

Although it seems like sleek black look is good in a large kitchen, this one here can do it perfectly even though the space is quite limited. The cabinets are so leek and smooth without visible handles. The countertop is elegantly in black.


Black Illusion

Painting the room creatively can make one room feels different, even though it’s simple. In this one here completing its black kitchen look on that only include black cabinets, with black wall on the back and continue to paint the wall black as much as the table goes, including the ceiling. It looks like this kitchen is built-in in its own box.


Black and Open Shelving

One thing that will make a black kitchen feels lighter is with open shelving, especially simple open shelving with white tiles on the back.


Balance It with Plants

AS eco-friendly look has risen to popularity, for a good reason, this one here combine black with the kitchen plans of eco-friendly kitchen. The cabinet on top are on black and the island too. However, you can see the vegetables storage under the sink and near the shelves. The plants pot are even added to the already beautiful black island.

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