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rattan sofa without cushion in a living room with wooden floor Apartment 34

Sofa Bed From Rattan With White Cushion And Pillows, Curtain, Chandelier Inside The Curtain
Rattan Chairs With Peacock's Tail Pattern Back, White Cushion
Rattan High Baby Cot With Pink Cushion In A Nursery With White Wall, Shelves, Fur Rug
Rattan Sofa Without Cushion In A Living Room With Wooden Floor
A Round Ball Outdoor Sofa Bed Protected Of Woven Rattan
Bed Swing Ottoman From Rattan With White Suchioin And Pillows
Rattan Baby Cot In A Nursery With Animals Wallpaper, Blue Rug, White Curtain
Elegant Rattan Bedding In Teal White Painted Room With Big Rug, Chandelier, White Fur Decoration
Rattan Bedding With Pattern In Headboard
Rattan Chair Peacock's Tail Pattern Back, Rattan Side Table

Noticing the details of your furniture can be really fun. Details that we can put attention on are like color, texture, or material. Among a variety of materials, there is one material that can decorate any room in your home in any shape in any function that you need: rattan. Rattan can make your room feel warmer and relaxing and that’s why it’s one of the favorite materials people use throughout the home. Now, let’s see the implementation of rattan materials in home furniture.


Rattan Bedding

Starting from the usually-biggest furniture in a bedroom, rattan can conquer the design and the function at best. As you can see, the beauty of the pattern in the headboard and in the foot board is something you will love to see. Offering warmth of natural material and something sustainable, rattan bedding can be a great options especially for you who attempt the bohemian or natural style.


Elegant Rattan Bedding

If you pursue something more elegant, rattan bedding still have some offers to you because even though rattan offers more relaxing feeling, when you are smart enough to combine it, the elegance are shown well. With great slab of teal wall and white side table, bench, and elegant chandelier, it’s all so lovely.


Rattan for Baby

If the previous ones talk about rattan bedding for adults, this one is rattan bedding for baby or what we call as baby cot. For those who live natural things with lovely pattern, this one is perfect for you. The pattern on the side of the cot let you see your baby’s condition perfectly without forgetting the safety.


High Baby Cot

Compared to the previous one, this one is higher and it gives more accent with its high head board that gives you a nook to put toys to lull your baby. This pretty baby cot brings more elegance and deviance to the room.


Peacock Back

Out of the bedroom, you will find much more furniture available to your bedroom, starts from a chair. And this one chair is so beautiful too. With this chair, you can just put some plants and another fellow rattan seating and it’s beautiful already.

rattan chairs with peacock's tail pattern back, white cushion


A Set of Rattan Chair Table

This is another rattan chair with peacock’s tail pattern on the back. But it’s not only that it’s beautiful from it, it also has hourglass shaped chair foot that matches beautifully with the coffee table with glass top.




Simple Rattan Sofa

Besides chair, a sofa made of rattan is something that is easily found in the market. This kind of sofa is really simple and it brings old memories from the exotic place that it’s warm and beautiful to be set in the living room.


Rattan Sofa Bed 

Another fun thing to have in a home is a sofa so comfortable you can fall asleep easily. And nothing works as perfect as sofa bed. The key to a comfortable nap is of course the perfect cushion. But, combine it with a beautiful, natural-looking rattan sofa bed, it becomes a really amazing piece of furniture.


Rattan Swing

If you’re a fan of swing and bed swing, you will love to have the ones made from rattan because it supports the idea of an outdoor activity and relaxing in open air. This one here is a great design to have.


A Round of Woven Rattan

This is another rattan patio furniture that would really lovely in your yard. The beauty of the piece itself and the comfort it offers make it a perfect thing to have.

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