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lean wooden chairs, white round table, white floor, white wall, white ceiling SF Girl by Bay

Wooden Chairs For White Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Kitchen Cabinet, Glass Pendant
Dining Set With Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs With Green Cushion, Round Mirror, Modern Rigid Chandelier
Wooden Chairs With Black Seating, Wooden Table, White Tufted Bench, Wooden Floor, Cyrstal Chandelier, White Subway Wall, White Ceiling
Wooden Chairs With Curve Back, Green Brown Seat, Round Wooden Table, Golden Chandelier, White Wall, Brown Floor, Rug, Wooden Cabinet
Black Steel Chairs With Rattan Weaving Seating And Back, Papermoon Lantern, Wooden Table, Grey Floor, White Wal
Dining Set With Wooden Table, Wooden Chair With Curvy Arm Rest, Light Wooden Chair, Wooden Stool, Wooden Sofa, White Lanter
Lean Wooden Chairs, White Round Table, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling
Lean Wooden Chairs With Wooden Table, White Bulb Chandelier, Grey Floor, Grey Wall
Black Wooden Chairs, Wooden Slab Table, Wooden Floor, Golden Ring Pendant
Lean Wooden Chairs With Curve, Glass Top Table With Wooden Legs, Copper Chandelier, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White Wall

Modern room love to use natural materials like marble, stone, or wood. Natural materials are simple and neutral, exactly what modern room looks for in each room. Modern material like wood is one of the most favorite with its texture, pattern, and how easy it can turn to shape, compare to other natural material. And for that, it makes wood or rattan can complete any room while also giving warmth to the room. Here below are ten stunning wooden chair set that accompanies dining table.

Black Chairs
One of the reasons why wooden material can be so endearing is that it is also easy to paint. You can paint in any color you want. The one seen below is painted black and it sends a dark and strong message that aligns perfectly with the dark wood slab table.

Lean chairs
This one here shows lean and slim shaped wooden chairs that perfectly fit the slim and thin dining table. This set looks light and simple while giving a nice and sweet curve in sight too. The white bulb chandelier looks pronounced in the neutral environment.

Modern Wood
In this dining set table, the glass top table with wooden legs is accompanied with wooden chairs with lean and curve that looks so stunningly beautiful. The set is completed with golden chandelier above. It makes the room warm and elegant.

Rattan Seating
This one here puts rattan as the seating and back support and it makes a great match for the wooden table. The white papermoon pendant looks so neutral and the vibe is in line with the surrounding.

Group of Neutral Chairs
This one here is really interesting. With all wood material, this one combines some different wooden chairs: one is with curvy arm rest, one is light colored wooden chair, one is stool, and one is a wooden sofa. Together, they look warm and unique.

Paper Rope Seating
While usually wooden chair is with rattan seating, this one here is with paper rope seating. This combination makes an interesting design. It makes the warm chair get even warmer and softer.

Nice Mix
This one here uses wooden chairs on one side of the table while white tufted bench is used on the other side. This mix is unique and combines two different maerial and textures. This makes the room feel richer.

Low and Modern
These wooden chairs looks so comfortable with its green cushion and low arm rest. It’s a great complement for the wooden slab table in the warm room.

Dark Wooden Set
This elegant and dark dining set looks so amazing and classy. The smooth surface with natural pattern offers an authentic look that perfectly balance with the wooden chairs with curvy back. Completed with golden chandelier, this set looks rich and warm.

Lean and Modern
This white round table blends well with white surrounding that makes the wooden chairs with lean and clean cut looks so pronounced without making too bold sight.

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