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Kitchen, White Wall, White Wooden Sloping Ceiling, Grey Floor, Green Bottom Cabinet With Wooden Top, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Pale Yellow Cabinet, White Wall, White Subway Backsplash, Hanging Plants
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Blue Wall, Blue White Ceiling, Pink Cabinet, Blue Island, Terrazzo Dining Table, Black Chairs
Kitchen With White Bottom Cabinet, Orange Kitchen Top, Orange Backsplash Wall, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Cabinet, White Wall, Black Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Dark Moss Cabinet And Island With Light Top, Pendant, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash, Soft Green Bottom Cabinet Wooden Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Beige Wal, Tall Glass Window, Blue Bottom Cabinet, Blue Rug, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet, Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash Tiles, Blue Upper Cabinet, Pendants
Kitchen, Green Floor Tiles, Beige Brown Wall And Ceiling, Yellow Minimalist Cabinet, Yellow Backsplash, Yellow Pendant, Dingin Set

Creating a creative look in the house would make your house feels so desirable that you would feel so comfortable you want to stay at home all the time. Making an interesting look in the room can be obtained by playing with colors. This color playing can be done in any room. These below are ten stunning kitchen with long slab of colors that will make the space more attractive.

Deep Green Cabinet
In this modern kitchen with white color as a majority color, the deep green on the bottom cabinet looks so pronounced and deep. This contrast creates a really attractive look.

Orange Lines
While the previous one gives a long slab of green color, this one gives power to the space with orange long lines on the kitchen top and the backsplash wall. The white wall on top brings an interesting effect to the orange line.

Slabs of Pink
This attractive kitchen offers an appealing use of colors seen on the blue floor, wall, and part of the ceiling while also giving long slab of soft pink on the cabinet.

Soft Green
If you go with modern look, this kind of setting will look simple, calming, and pretty too. The white surrounding empower the soft green bottom cabinet to be the center of attention without being too bold.

Modern Green
Similar to the previous one, this one is also an interesting look for modern styled room. The light and neutral surrounding is deepen with the dark green color. The minimalist details on the bottom cabinet is perfect for modern look.

Moss Green
As green blends perfectly with natural touch, it is a great complement for modern and minimalist look. Seen int his one, the long slabs of green is used on the bottom cabinet and island.

Blue Lines
In this open and airy kitchen, the cabinet is minimalist that it makes the room not at all cramped. Colored in blue, it is like it has long slab of blue color. And not only that, the wall is also painted blue a little bit to spice things up.

Pale Yellow
Yellow has always been a cheerful and fun color. And adding pale yellow can create strong impression while not being too bold. Seen in this one, the pale yellow cabinet looks perfect with the white wall.

Yellow on Green
This yellow cabinet is a fresh and bold look upon the neutral wall and green floor tiles. And not only that, it is also completed with yellow pendant.

Blue Top
While the previous one has colors on the bottom cabinet, this one here has it for the upper part of the kitchen. Surrounded by off white surrounding, this blue upper cabinet looks strong and pronounced. The patterned floor gives extra accent that blends everything well.

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