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contemporary living room, white wall, white floor, black rug, glass coffee table with golden support, black covered floor lamp with golden legs, black sofa, golden chandelier Home of Pondo

Living Room, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Brown Wall, Marble Wall Accent, Black Floating Shelves, Grey Sofa, Grey Chairs, Brown Sateen Bench, Golden Coffee Tables
Living Room, Brown Patterned Rug, Brown Wall, Deep Green Sofa, Glass Top Coffee Table, Mirrored Wall Decor, Black Floor Lamp, Black Chairs, Glass Shelves, Chandelier
Living Room, Brown Patterned Rug, Dark Green Wall, Green Sofa, Glass Topped Coffee Table, Black Cabinet, Golden Table Lamp, Mirror, Glass Pendant
Living Room, White Marble Floor, White Beige Sofa, Beige Logn Bench, Beige Chairs, Orange Ottomans, Low White Coffee Table, Glass Lighting
Living Room, White Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, Blue Topped Coffee Table, Black Chair, White Shelves, Golden Ringchandelier, Crystal Accent
Contemporary Living Rom, Marble Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, Golden Round Coffee Table, White Chair, White Stool, Golden Side Shelves With Glass Top, Table Lamp
Living Room, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Sofas, Glass Topped Coffee Table With Silver Support, Tray Side Table, Large And Tall Window
Contemporary Living Room, White Wall, White Floor, Black Rug, Glass Coffee Table With Golden Support, Black Covered Floor Lamp With Golden Legs, Black Sofa, Golden Chandelier
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, White Sofa, Golden Wall, Golden Coffee Table With Glass Top, White Covered Table Lamp With Golden Body
Living Room, Grey Marble, Striped White Rug, Grey Wall, White Sofa, Glass Coffee Table With Golden Lines

If you love to show newness in your room, you would love contemporary decoration in your room. It has the simple and minimalist look like you find in modern look but with more metallic and new touch on it. Here below are ten stunningly new look for living rooms with nice and interesting touch that you would love to have in the house too.

Round Coffee Table
This living room shows a simple and neutral look. However, with golden lines here and there, the room is more lively. Completed with a nice wall decoration, this living room looks simple yet chic.

Black Touches
In the neutral department, it is always safe to use white or black. This one here creates a chic space with white background that has strong black touch on the sofa, floor lamp, and rug. And among the sight, golden lines are seen perfectly simple and pretty.

Deep and Golden
A very beautiful look is seen in this living room. The brown rug and wall gives soft transition to the golden accent that shimmers in the room. The dark and deep green sofa and floor along with black touch makes the room balanced.

Warm and Golden
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows an interesting shimmers with golden color seen in the wall, coffee table, side table, and the table lamp. And all this is supported by neutral surrounding of black and off white.

Golden Accent
This neutral gray living room with minimalist touch, looks simple yet so chic with its clean lines and strict design. The golden accent on the table and decorations makes the whole look lively.

Contemporary Accent
Similarly, this one too has a simple look with clean lines on the furniture. With white hexagonal floor tiles, the room looks pretty with more details. The marble wall accent and golden coffee table brings more contemporary look.

Modern Contemporary
In this neutral living room, the white wall, floor, and sofa creates a soft background to the dark furniture. The crystal golden ring brings an interesting touch on the ceiling.

Bright Simplicity
In this bright and tall room, the room is designed in simple with white sofas and glass topped coffee table with silvery support. The brightness comes from tall and large windows makes the room feel more fun and bright, obviously.

Glass Accent
In this open living room, a modern and warm touches are seen. The neutral and warm seating lets the glass LED pendants glow pronounced. The seating setting makes the open living room looks really comfortable.

Sweet Touch
Although the room is dark and deep with green on the wall especially, this room can balance it with warm rug and sweet pink ottoman. The clash makes it an interesting combination.

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