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white sink on top of brown wooden cabinet with a square mirror placed on the corner My Builder

Corner Vanity With White Marmer Top, White Sink, Grey Cabinet, All Floating, Grey Framed Mirror, Silver Faucet
Cornered Vanity With Triangular White Sink With Wooden Cabinet Under, Silver Faucet, Square Mirror On The Corner
Triangular Corner Vanity With White Wooden Cabinet, Cream Marble Top, Dark Faucet, White Wooden Triangular Cabinet With Mirror
Long White Corner Vanity With Cabinet With Drawers, White Bowl Sink, White Cabinet Above, Large Square Mirrors
White Sink On Top Of Brown Wooden Cabinet With A Square Mirror Placed On The Corner
Corner Vanity With Marble Top, Dark Wooden Cabinet On Triangular Shape, Tall Mirror On Two Sides Of The Wall
Brown Marble Top With White Sink Corner Triangle Vanity With White Wooden Cabinet, White Tiles Backsplash, Mirror With Triangle Storage Behind
Cylinder Vanity With White Round Basin, Wooden Cylinder Cabinet Under The Sink
Corner Vanity With Round Finish To The Front, Cream Marmer Top, Beige Cabinet Following, Two Mirrors Following The Wall
Medium Sized Corner Vanity With White Marble Sink, White Cabinet, Cornerd Top Cabinet, Two Mirrors

Putting your vanity in the center of in the wall that can give you space is a blessing. But, if you don’t have the space for that or if you want to use the corner of your room for your vanity, here below are some ideas that will help you consider the options what to go with.


Cylinder Vanity

This one here is a round vanity that follows the shape of the white round sink on top. The best thing about this vanity is that under the sink, it is well designed that it can be the storage of your bathroom needs, including towels. With cylinder vanity like this, you can place it either in the corner of other side of your bathroom.


Round Triangular

In this picture below, the sink looks like in triangular shape but with rounder lines on the outside. The white sink is combined with the dark wooden cabinet that makes them a pretty contrast. Installed floating, this one here sure is for space saving purpose.


Not So Cornered

This one here looks like a normal vanity instead of a corner one. It may look like a normal vanity but the shape of the vanity has been designed for corner, what with the corner marble top on one side and round lines on the other side. The cabinet is also made differently on both right and left side.


Mirror Wall Corner

This one here is similar to one of the previous but of course, as you can see, it’s not floating. With this full support cabinet under the sink, this one offers more room of storage. The mirrors here are interesting to be arranged following the angle of the wall so that you can see your  reflection from different angles.


Two Storage Spaces

This one here has similar ideas on the vanity with the triangular shape. However, this one adds its space for storage behind the mirror on top of it. Of course, the storage space here is in triangular shape too.


Strict Lines

On this very picture, you can see that there is no round lines on the corner vanity. The lines are quite strict here.


White with White

As usually corner vanity is used in a small bathroom that needs space saving furniture, it is understandable that white color is a popular options for the furniture as you can see in the picture below.


Round on Triangular

Different from the previous ones, this one here put the white round sink on top of the brown wooden triangular cabinet. In this combination, it looks a different textures and ambiance is placed together.


Long Corner Vanity

In this one, you can see that space is not the problem here. It purely wants to get the unique scene of corner cabinet. And that’s why it has long corner vanity, completed with the cabinet, drawers, sink, cabinet on top, large mirrors. This grandeur shows luxury with corner vanity.


Medium Long

This one here also doesn’t have space problem. Clearly corner vanity offers more uniqueness that they want like the corner top cabinet, the L corner vanity and cabinet. In this corner vanity, it looks like this corner vanity is a mirroring from each side.

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