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wooden slats accent on the living room's wall, with small floating shelves with plants on the pot, grey flooring, grey sofa The Design Tabloid

Sliding Wooden Slats On White Entertainment Shelves, White Floor, Grey Sofa, Small Coffee Tables
Wooden Slats Half Partition, Floating Shelves, Wooden Stair, Wooden Floor, Chair, White Wall,
Wooden Slats Accent On The Living Room's Wall, With Small Floating Shelves With Plants On The Pot, Grey Flooring, Grey Sofa
Woden Slats On The Accent Wall With Fireplace, Wooden Floor, Dark Grey Rug, Woocen Block Coffee Tables, Black Leather Sofa, Black Leather Chair, Dark Grey Wall
Wooden Slats On The Wall With Lights Between And Floating Plants On The Pots, Gey Sofa With Grey Red Backs, Grey Red Round Ottomans, Coffee Table With Glass Top
Wooden Slats On The Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Grey Wooden Planks Wall, Wooden Table With Wooden Chairs
Wooden Slats On The Wall Partition Beside Black Open Brick Wall, Low Yellow Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Modern Pendants
Wooden Slats Partition, Beige Sofa, Beige Floor, Rug, Wooden Cabinet, TV, Beige Wall
Wooden Slats On Half Bottom Wall, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Chair, Glass Top Side Table, Off White Wall
Wooden Slats Partition Between The Wooden Stairs And Living Room With Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Coffee Table With White Round Top, Grey Floor Lamp

Making statements can be done in the ceiling, floor, wall, or even the furniture. While painting can be the easiest way to make statement from subtle to bold, it do not add dimensions. However, textured addition like wooden slats can make statements both in color and texture. It will makes the room feel amazingly different. Here below are some ideas on putting wooden slats on the living room.

A Little Accent
Wooden slats are commonly installed partly on the wall. It does not exactly cover all the wall normally. And here is an example of simple installment of wooden slats on the wall. On the bottom half and not exactly surrounding the room. Completed with wooden floor, this wooden slats have a great connections to the room, especially when the chair is also from the same color and material.

Sliding Wooden Slats
Besides on the wall, wooden slats is looking legit as a sliding door in the entertainment cabinet. It gives the room refreshed look with natural material in that has different color in the room.

Wooden Accent
With its stripes look textured, wooden slats are the perfect option to go when you want to make accent wall. Combined with contrast wall surrounding the accent wall, it will look bold and strong.

Wooden Partition
Another interesting method in using wooden slats is using it as a partition that divide living room and another part of the room. In this picture here, it’s the stairs. It is not entirely closed as you can see the view on the other side so it will still make your room more airy, not too weighing a lot, besides adding an interesting texture to the room.

Half Partition
Similar to the previous look, this one too use wooden slats as partition between the stairs and living room. However, instead of fully functioning as wall, this one here has artistic ending on the floor.

Wooden Wall
The next interesting way to install wooden slats is by installing wooden slats on the wall with some space between that can be insert some lighting fixtures like this one here. With lighting between the wooden slats, the room will have interesting effects.

Lights Between
Similar to the previous one, this is how it will look like from further view. And not only that, similarly, it also adds small floating shelves with plants on the pot. It is double refreshing.

Wall Partition
Besides being the accents of the wall, it can also function as wall. Seen here, it continues the open brick wall interestingly. The combination is rustic but still modern.

Wooden Divider
Similar to the previous one, this one too use wooden slats as room divider. With this wooden slats, the comfortable room looks even warmer.

Wall and Ceiling
Similar with the previous look, this one too has wooden slats on the wall and ceiling. However, instead of installing the lights between the wood, the lights fixtures are installed outside. And instead of putting some floating shelves, this one has a larger shelves but only one.

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