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studio apartment, wooden floor, pink bed platform, glass partition, white curtain, round mirror, white large round pendants Planete Deco

Studio, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bedding, Glass Sliding Door
Studio Apartment, Wooden Floor, Cream Bed Platform, Glass Pendants, Glass Sliding Door
Studio Apartment, Blue Partition, Glass Sliding Door, White Wooden Crate, Blue Bedding
Studio Apartment, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Glass Partition, White Curtain, White Rug, White Pendant
Studio Apartment, Wooden Floor, Black Patterned Rug, Black Round Table, White Sofa, Bedroom With Glass Partition, White Shelves
Studio, Wooden Floor, Glass Partition, White Curtain, White Wall, Black Accent Wall
Studio Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bedding, Black Headboard, Black Sconce, Glass Parition, White Curtain
Studio, White Wooden Floor, Wooden Grid Wall, Half Round Mirror, Brown Curtain, Brown Bed Platform With Drawer
Studio Apartment, Wooden Floor, Pink Bed Platform, Glass Partition, White Curtain, Round Mirror, White Large Round Pendants
Studio Apartment, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Bedroom With Glass Walla Nd Door, Window, White Pendant

Having a studio apartment can be really tricky. You would want to have your space spacious but you have to do some adjustment. With studio apartment, you might want to make your space open. You living room and kitchen in one room without partition. That would create a spacious and warm feeling at once. And for the bedroom, when you think an open bedroom would make you restless, you can put some light or transparent wall, like what is seen in this compilation.

Part It with Glass
This studio apartment has an open and comfortable look at once. The bedroom has bookshelves that can be seen from the bed or sofa through the glass. And the sofa and TV can be seen from the bed as well. It is like they are all in one room but the glass give more precise and tidy partition.

Plain Glass
Similar to the previous one, this bedroom is also only parted with glass partition. However, unlike the previous one, the glass partition here has plainer and therefore more open feeling for the small apartment.

Comfort Shadow
This bed area makes an interesting comfort with lots of curtain, both on the window and in the partition. This has softened the lights that comes through and created a comfortable place to rest.

Free Light
This bright apartment has a spacious feeling. If you don’t like working or studying near the bed because it makes you want to rest all the time, you can close the open space with glass partition and curtain. Even if the curtain is opened, there will always be the glass to tell you to stop thinking about resting.

Modern Slide
This is another bedroom that is parted with glass. However, this one puts sliding door on it and makes a fun and elegant slide on the door. This bedroom has the modern look with the wooden floor and the glass partition.

Fresh Air
Similar to the previous one, this one also has created a modern and fun look with sliding door. And with glass on the side, it has bright light when it needs and close it with curtains when it does not need it. And although the room is small, it is still decorated beautifully with pendants.

Bright Blue
If you love to add some color, this one would give an interesting setting. With one side is blue and one side of the partition is white, the room has strong blue that is balanced with white. The white crate under the bed makes a natural and easy addition to the room.

Warm Natural
Without any solid partition, this bed area makes a soft and warm look. The creamy colored on the bed platform that matches the wall with grid and curtain has created a comfortable ambiance. This room also put a large mirror and try to make the room feels more spacious with it, along with the efficient drawers.

Large Pendants
This one shows a strong impression with glass partition, large round mirror, and pendants above. These details make the room feels unique and interesting and bold as the space is limited.

Fresh Look
This white on white apartment has made the space to look really bright and spacious. And with glass partition, the space is added lines details without making the room too crowded.

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