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kids bedroom with wooden floor, jeep bed inside and on the roof, wooden bench with white cushion, stuffed animales, white wall, white curtain, ceiling lamp Decoor

Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Leave Rug, Black Wooden Bed With Posts, Dark Leaves Wallpaper, Stuffed Animal
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Jeep Bed Inside And On The Roof, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Stuffed Animales, White Wall, White Curtain, Ceiling Lamp
Kids Room, White Floor, White Wall, Animals Stickers On The Wall, Stuffed Animals, Zebra Head Decorations, Rattan Pendant, Bean Bag, White Rug
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Animal Skin Printed Rug, Wooden Low Bed With White Triangle Canopy, Wooden Beams, Beige Wall, Brown Cabinet, Wooden Low Table
Kids Bedroom, Blue Wooden Wall, Animals Head Decorations, Wooden Bed Platform, Grey Bedding
Kid Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Hang Bed, Fake Tree Inside Wth Brances, White Second Level, White Stairs, White Study Table, White Chair
Nursery With Wooden Floor, Animal Printed Rug, White Wall, Wooden Cribs, Bed Upstairs, Dark Wooden Stairs, Tent, Low Talbe And Chair, Shelves
Bedroom With Light Wooden Floor, White Bed Platform, Grey Green Bedding, Grey Wall Branch Shelves With Animals
Kids Room With Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, Animal Shaped Rug, Wooden Shelves With Boxes, Wall Decorations
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Grey Wallpaper, Wooden Shelves With Green Boxes, Wooden Stairs, Hammock, Canopy, White Pendant

As children’s bedroom has always created such a happy heart, this time is for the safari ones. Animals or safari theme is a fun and popular theme in the bedroom for kids. With jungle theme, it is easy to improvise whether with the plants or the animals. Here below are several stunning kid’s bedrooms with jungle theme that you can get inspirations from.

Tree Inside
There is a reason why a tree house is so endearing for children. It can be the fun, the adventure, or the chance to play around with friends. And this is why putting inside a tree inside can help get all those. As you can see in the picture below, the room is a great playground with fake tree with branches that hold the bed too. It will make any kid so happy.

Siblings Room
If only one room can be spared for the children, it can be a great idea to separate their area, like this one here. Although the entire area is for the used of both, the sleeping area is separated. An animal printed rug and jungle themed tent help the jungle look in this room.

Monkey Friend
If you love to strengthen the jungle theme with stuffed animals, it is probably one the best trick that will do jungle themed room the best. However, adding details like canopy and curtain in the same theme will make the room even merrier, like this one.
bedroom with wooden floor, grey wallpaper, wooden shelves with green boxes, wooden stairs, hammock, canopy, white pendant

Safari Look
If the jungle imagined is the African jungle, then a safari look is the best there is. And this one here displays perfect illumination of how it should look. The jeep bed is fun and practical. With big stuffed animals around the jeep, the room is a perfect resemblance of the safari life.

Green Brown
Combining common colors that represents the jungle can help so much too. Seen in the picture below is a kid’s bedroom with brown and green painted wall reinforced with green plants and brown wooden look floor and cabinet. The low bed with white triangle canopy looks familiar to those who love African styled room and the wooden beams helps the natural vibe also.

Dark Jungle
A simple treatment can be done too when a jungle themed is wanted for a kids bedroom. With big leaves wall seen like this one here, it would feel like we’re deep in the jungle. Added some stuffed animals, they will be the inhabitants of the jungle.

Soft Jungle
If you love the idea of giving jungle themed room but you want to keep it simple and not too bold, this one here can give you a perfect example. With its neutral wooden floor, white bed, and grey wall, it only gives animal details on the wall on branch shelves.

Animal Rug
Another thing that can help the look in the room when you try jungle theme is the rug. There are so many animals printed rug that you can find out there. However, animal shaped rug is more endearing for the kids.

Head Decorations
Cute decorations on the wall can help the look of a bedroom with jungle themed too. Seen in the picture below are adorable head decorations you can hang above the headboard.

Animals on the Wall
One of the easiest tricks to create jungle themed room is by putting some animals sticker on the wall. Added some wall decorations, it is done, just like in this room with its simple yet adorable look bedroom.

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