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nursery, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, trees wallpaper, rattan sofa bed, white wooden crib, black chair, ottoman Lonny

Nursery, White Wall, White Crib, White Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Chair, White Woven Ottoman
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Pink Rocking Chair, White Woven Ottoman, Rattan Crib
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Built In Bench In Indented Wall, White Crib, Grey Chair, White Round Ottoman, Rattan Side Table, Pendant
Nursery, Rattan Rug, White Crib, Pink Chair, White Ottoman, Light Pink Cabinet, White Cabinet, Pink Curtain, Fringe Chandelier, White Wall Round Mirror
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chair, White Ottoman, White Sofa, White Crib, Flowery Accent Wall, Accent Ceiling, White Cabinet
Nursery, White Wooden Floor, White Bean Bag, White Wooden Crib, White Floor Lamp, White Pendants, White Curtain, White Rug, White Touys
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, White Blue Wall, White Crib, Brown Chair, White Round Ottoman, Brown Pendant
Nursery, Grey Floor, White Patterned Rug, White Cabinet, Wooden Crib, White Wall, Green Chair, Green Ottomans
Nursery, Brown Floor Rug, White Wainscoting, White Wall White Pendant, White Crib, White Chair, White Round Ottoman, Light Wooden Side Table, White Floor Lamp
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, Trees Wallpaper, Rattan Sofa Bed, White Wooden Crib, Black Chair, Ottoman

Decorating nursery can be calming and reassuring as you will always feel the love to your child when you do it. When you decorate a nursery, you might focus on everything that can make the baby feel comfortable and to the beauty of the room. However, you would also need to take some attention to the seat for you when you wait for them or taking some rest after feed them. Here below are lovely nursery that you would love to get some inspirations from.

Rocking Rocking Baby
What a wonderful nursery it is to be able to help you rock the baby. Many babies love to be rocked before sleeping. With rocking chair, the parents can rock them while they’re in the rocking chair. Or, after putting them to bed, getting rocked and get some rest. With ottoman at feet, it is so easy to do that.

Modern Chair for Modern Nursery
Matching the chair to the nursery style is a common thing. But, you might want to make sure you pick the best one. This one here supports the nursery with green modern chair that goes along with the ottomans and pillows around.

Cutely Bohemian
This nursery makes a warm and fresh look with the wallpaper of leaves, fringed chandelier, patterned rug, and bohemian accessories. The simple chair to help you rest is easy and light for a quite merry room.

White Comfort
This nursery gives a comfort with the white color pick. The white comfortable chair blends well with the white round ottoman to complete it. The brown floor and the wooden side table completes the set warmly.

White Modern Warmth
This is another nursery with white and white setting. The white modern chair is completed with warm white woven ottoman at feet that enables you to straighten your body even for some time. The modern lighting fixture above makes the room has character.

White Bean Bag
Bean bag has been a really comfortable place to sit and to rest. It will hug you and let you rest peacefully. Adding white bean bag can make your room look and feel more comfortable.

White Seats
If you love to receive guests when the baby comes, you might also want to consider additional seats. Besides a comfortable chair and the ottoman, this one also adds white sofa near the window. This addition can be used for you too.

Sweet Rocking Chair
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one adds rocking chair to the nursery too. The pink velvet chair will ensure your comfort and warmth in getting some rest. With white round woven ottoman, the chair looks a fabulous place to enjoy your me time (finally).

Modern in Bohemian
In this bohemian nursery, a modern pink chair is added to make the room looks balanced and interesting. This pink chair is a great thing to have when you are tired with taking care of the baby, especially the first baby.

Complete Rest
Taking care of first born can be really exhausting. For the happy parents, you would not want to change it into stress. Adding a sofa bed like this one might be necessary for you. If you think you’re lack of sleep and comfort, adding this pretty thing would be recommended.

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