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kitchen island with added glass surface for the bar seating, wooden bar stool with backs Case Design

Added Wooden Table For Bar Seating With Metal Stools With Backs Covered With Grey Cushion
White High Kitchen Island With Wooden Top With White Wooden Wtool With Back And Blue Cushion
Round Kitchen Island For Bar Seating With Wooden Top And Wooden Stools
Wooden High Kitchen Island Bar With Black Metal Stool With Leather Seating And Back
Kitchen Island With Added Glass Surface For The Bar Seating, Wooden Bar Stool With Backs
White Wooden Kitchen Island With White Marble Top, White Stools
Kitchen Island With Wooden Added Block For The Bar Seating, With Black High Stool With Backs
White Island With White Counter Top, Wooden Round Stools With Rattan Top
Wooden Kitchen Island With Added Higher Wood For Bar Seating With Wooden Stool With Backs
Kitchen Island With Wooden Bar Table With Black Marble Top, Wooden Stools With Backs And Black Leather Seating

Kitchen Island is one of kitchen items that everyone feels like to have. It’s simply because there are so much of simplicity, beauty, and function that people can gain by adding kitchen island in their home. One of kitchen island types that people look up is the one with bar style people can slide easily from their standing form. Having bar kitchen island exclude you somehow from the same feeling the kitchen has even if it’s in the same room. If you like to get kitchen island with bar seating, here below are some ideas.

Higher Than the Kitchen

When you choose a bar like kitchen island, you might get your kitchen island surface higher that the kitchen counter top itself. Well, it means you can decorate it differently like the picture below. With different color and heights, the kitchen island feels like an actual bar.

Wooden Bar

This kitchen island looks fun with the bar seating. The kitchen area siding with the bar is also from wood. They match and are completely beautiful together. Even the shelves beside the kitchen island blends beautifully.

Cushion Stool

Here is to those who love high stool but still want to maintain the soft and smooth surface of cushion. With this, you can have the stool and the comfort.

White Kitchen Island

If you are keen of the bar seating only but you want to make the surface all the same, you can do something like this. The kitchen area and the island have the same high surface.

Rattan Stools for Bar Seating

This one has similar beautiful counter top and the bar seating has the same heights as the kitchen area. One touch that makes it closer to the nature but even prettier in the eyes is the rattan stools for the bar seating.

Added Wood

This picture shows a great design. To give distinction to the bar-like area, wood is added to the kitchen island. This is such a great idea. And the wood looks on point without looking so awkwardly placed on the island.

Added Bar Table

Similar to the previous idea, this one also adds higher area for the bar seating area. Although, different from the previous one, the design is united with the kitchen area.

Round High Table

This one is another beautiful idea of kitchen island for bar seating. With round wooden area, this one makes sure you have all the space you need when you’re seating around it. As large as it is, it can be another dining table with higher chairs.

Wooden Bar Seating

This is another wooden bar seating in the kitchen island. While the previous ones only have wood on the top, this one has wood to the feet.

Glass Surface

This one is also one amazing idea you can find. With glass surface for the bar seating area, it makes sure people will have the right heights with the most beautiful way possible.

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