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green wooden chair with rattan back and seating, round wooden table, wooden round pendant, orange stool, wooden island, white floor tiles Instagram - Giselle Martos

Dark Brown Wooden Chair With Rattan Back, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Grey Pendant
Purple Rattan Chairs And Ottoman, Wooden Table, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Ceiling, Wooden Splat Cabinet
Wooden Chair With Rattan Back, Yellow Chair, Blue Rug, Beige Wall, Black Pendant With Yellow Inside
Pink Rattan Chair With White Cushion, White Table, White Bottom Cabinet With Marble Kitchen Top, Pink Flamingo Wallpaper, Whtie Bottom Cabinet, Silver Hood
White Wooden Chairs With Rattan Back And Seating, Grey Floor, Wooden Wall, White Pendant, White Curtain, Wooden Cabinet
Wooden Chair With Rattan Back, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Accent Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Patterned Backsplash
Red Wooden Chair, Rattan Back, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Silver Pendant, White Ceiling
Teal Woven Chair With Green Legs, Round Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Glass Window, Floating Shevles, Beige Bottom Cabinet
Green Wooden Chair With Rattan Back And Seating, Round Wooden Table, Wooden Round Pendant, Orange Stool, Wooden Island, White Floor Tiles
Pink Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seating, Patterned Floor, Wooden Table, Golden Three Pendants, Rattan Partition, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Pendant

Rattan chairs can be really interesting as it can be used in any room. It can be used to add warmth in the living room, it can used to add old exotic look in the study, it can also add comfortable natural feeling in the bedroom. However, the ten comfortable neutral chairs below are the ones used in the dining room. It creates a comfortable space, perfect for a good long talk between the meals. So, let’s find out how stunning they are.

Purple Rattan Set
Purple might not the most popular color that is used in rattan but it surely can show a really interesting sight combined with wooden table and rattan stool in the same color.

Warm Rattan Chair
This one here shows a warm dining room with small kitchenette. The brown wooden accent on the kitchen blends perfectly well with the dining set that includes brown wooden round table with wooden chair with rattan back. The pink silvery pendant looks popped out without making the other less interesting.

Strong Red Rattan
This one here shows a bold and strong rattan with red accent in its line. On a neutral wooden dining room, the red lines sure bring a strong impression with its color and the neutral rattan look.

Neutral White Rattan
In the same concept, this one here paints the wooden part of the chair in white while putting rattan in its original color for back and seating. This set is completed with long wooden table and, together, it looks they blend perfectly well with the neutral surrounding.

Classic Rattan Chair
If you love to relive the classic exotic look, you would love to use dark brown wooden chairs with dark brown rattan back. This one here shows not only a classic use of wooden and rattan combination but also a soft and smooth round back.

Blushed Rattan Chair
Pink is surely a lovely color that will make anything looks prettier, especially when you are into pink. And when it is painted in rattan chair, it surely gives the room a blushed accent that makes the room more fun. It is a pretty thing to match with pink flamingo wallpaper.

Red Lines Chair
This one here also shows a strong impression with red accent on the chair. Completed with rattan seating, the chairs look both warm and strong. The patterned floor surprisingly blends all the material used in the open room.

Combination Set
This one shows that you don’t need the whole set of rattan chair to bring a fun vibe. This one here, although majority of the chair set is yellow, the combination with one rattan chair brings irregularity that makes the whole look interesting.

Green Weave
This one here shows a remarkably pretty sight in the dining room. With green weave for the back and the seating, it brings a calm and fresh look through the warm material.

Green Chairs
Still with green chairs, this one here combines the interesting part of brown rattan back and seating with green painted wooden chair. And it also a balance for the orange stools on the island.

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