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mustard wide sofa with laid back back, no arm rest, wooden platform Instagram - Poppy Lane

Wooden Sofa With Grey Cushion, Grey Colored Pillows
Pink Wide Sofa With Laid Back Back, No Arm Rest, Woodenplatform
Green Bottled Colored Modern Sofa With Uneven Back Height
Leather Sofa With Tufted Cushions, Back, Arm Rest, Pillow
Chesterfield Leather Sofa With Wooden Floor, Red Morroccan Rug, White Faux Fur Ottoman, Wooden Chair, Table Lamps
Muted Pink Sofa With Thin Metal Support, Round Long Back And Arm Rest
Pink Sofa With Big Fluffy Cushion, Lay Back Back, Round Low Arm Rest
Grey Corner Sofa With Wide Side Without Arm Rest In A Livign Room With Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, Wooden Coffee Table
Chesterfield Sofa In Teal With Tufted Back In A Living Room With Teal Orange Wall, Wooden Side Table, Yellow Chair, Yellow Ottoman
Mustard Wide Sofa With Laid Back Back, No Arm Rest, Wooden Platform

Living room is probably the most favorite part of the house where anyone can actually relax together. In the living room, you can hang around with your guest too. And that’s why living room is always decorated as a comfortable place. And one of the most important thing offering comfort in the living room is probably a sofa where everybody can sit around. Here below are some ideas on living room sofa that you can consider to have too in your home.


Always Pretty

Teal is probably one color that always look pretty and always be a favorite color in a sofa. In this picture, you can see the strong yet still calming and sophisticated color in teal. Combined with other strong color, this one still stand out beautifully.


Leather Chesterfield

While the previous one is in teal, this Chesterfield sofa here is in leather. This sofa, although in leather, still gives classic feeling to the room. The leather material gives warm and comfortable look.


Tufted Cushion

While the previous ones has tufted back, this one here has tufted cushion without button that makes the cushion feel really fluffy and comfortable. The leather material here also gives comfortable and warm look.


Low and Comfort

This one here has lower back compared to the previous one. However, it means that this one offers more laid back relaxation in the living room. With its low round arm rest, it is so easy for you to rest your back here.


Wooden Support

This one here is a sofa with wooden support and grey cushion and pillows. With its low arm rest, it is also so easy to turn this comfortable sofa into a place to sleep. Or, if you want to invite your friends, you can sit and watch movies together. This kind of sofa will let you have the comfort you need for 2 hours without leaving.


Comfort without Armrest

In this picture, you will see a sofa without armrest. However, with its laid back, you will be able to enjoy your time nonetheless. The absent of armrest brings minimalist look to this sofa.


Mustard One

So, if you really love minimalist look, you will love this platform sofa. You can adjust the color of the cushion to your preference. The sofa will look low, simple, minimalist, yet comfortable.


Corner Sofa

Another sofa that you might like is corner sofa. Although it usually is not for small living room, corner sofa also has the small sized too. But, yes, with larger room, corner sofa is easier to manage.


Modern Sofa

If you love anything modern with clean lines, you will love this one. This muted pink sofa has design with clean lines. Its similar height of arm rest and back give a continuity and sleek look.


Bottled Green

This one is for you who love modern design with deep color. In this picture, the sofa has been standing out. Its curve gives a warm accent through the modern design.

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