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living room, wooden floor, white wall, white door, green tufted sofa, yellow side table, white floor lamp Planete Deco

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Beams, Colorful Rug, Brown Sofa, Large Glass Window
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Door, Green Tufted Sofa, Yellow Side Table, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, Blue Sofa, Yellow Ottoman, Black Frame Chair, Coffee Table, White Pendants
Living Room, Cream Rug, White Wall, Nook, Black Pendants, Brown Sofa, Black Cabinet, White Pendats
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Glass Chandelier
Living Room, White Floor, Red Rug, Cream Wall, Black Shelves, Black Pendants, Black Fireplace, Dark Green Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofas, Black Sconces, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Grey Floor, Black Rug, Grey Velvet Lounge Chairs, Grey Wall, White Wall, Round Glass Coffee Table
Living Room, Crea Rug, Blue Sofa, Wooden Shelves
Living Room, Black Floor, White Wall, White Wainscoting, White Lounge Sofa, Blue Lounge Sofa, Black Pendant

Holiday season has brought tiredness with it. It is jolly and fun but when it’s all over, you will soon realize how tired you have become and how you long for the long hours of relaxing time in the living room, perhaps with books and a cup of your favorite drinks. To get this, you would want a comfortable sofa and chairs in the living room so that you would be able to have all the warmth and comfort. Here below is a compilation on what you would want in the living room.

Warm and Fresh
This living room has warmth that ensures that it could give you a wonderful and comfortable time on reading and talking to your friends and family. The dark green sofa is small but it gives a comfortable seat that you can gave wonderful relaxing time.

Minimalist Comfort
This comfortable living room makes an amazing look with minimalist look which is completed with the most comfortable sofa. The neutral colors make an easy setting and it is prettily combined with colorful rug and lightened by fresh light from the window.

Lounge Chairs
This living room makes a really comfortable place with low lounge sofa and chair. With colorful pillows the room adds even more comfort to the room. This easy setting is light and cozy.

Soft Bean Bags
Besides the lounge chairs, bean bags are another perfect option you can have to add more comfort in the living room. It hugs your body so it will feel so warm and relaxing. The neutral floor and wall make an easy background to the soft blue bean bag.

Fresh and Warm
Having your living room in the bright light would make your room looks pronounced and if your room looks this comfortable, you bright light would makes it even more. The brown leathery lounge chairs make the best companion to the room.

Soft and Warm
This living room makes an incredible look by combining soft and warm look. The soft look is supported by the soft velvety sofa while the warmth is supported by the wooden round coffee table and the warm looking fixture and accent ceiling.

Velvety Look
This is another soft and elegant look that will make a living room feels more comfortable. The velvety lounge chairs are exquisite and the bright and spacious look in the living room. The room looks elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Modern Comfort
This living room brings a fresh look with its glass window and the warm yellow ottoman. The sofa and the chair ensures how comfortable and incredible looking and feeling that this living room has.

Minimalist Modernity
This living room brings out a cool modern look with its wall and floor. The sofas of the living room, however, make a comfortable seats where you can laying around and enjoying your evening.

Modern Coziness
This living room also has an incredible tufted sofa that allows you to have a great time to relax. The low armrest give a place to lay your head when you want to take a nap.

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