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living room with grey wooden floor, brown rug, grey sofa, soft beige char, white wooden hanging shelves, white floor table, light brown cabinet Ms Weatherbee

Living room is a place where you and your family and friends gather around and create the best of time together. Or, if you’re alone, living room is a place where you can get rest after a long day before you come into your bedroom and sleep. Comfort is required in a living room and that’s why anyone would love to have a living room exactly just like their character. These ones below are for those who love simplicity in minimalist colour and the choice of furniture.

Blue on White

In this picture here, the living room is all in white starts from the wall, the long and low cabinet, sofa, to the curtain. The only colour that is seen in this room is blue on the fur rug that matches with the patio chairs seen in the outside porch. Even the coffee table is really simple without console and made from clear glass.


Purple on Comfort

Having a minimalist room doesn’t mean that it has to be in minimalist tone colour. Minimalist here is the look of your living room is not cluttered and cramped. And here below is a living room with long low benches for bookshelves and a soft purple sofa with coffee table and side table. You can dismiss the tables if you think it’s too cramped.


Hanging Cable

Similar with its minimalist theme, this one here looks so simple in furniture with only deep green sofa and dark brown chair in the living room. The coffee table is only a round small table that doesn’t take much space. The most interesting thing here is the pendant that fall in a third part of the room and with cable hanging.


Slanted Rood

This is an interesting way to make an area under a slanted ceiling at it’s the best use. Putting some sofas and add rug can make the space looks comfortable. With the glass roof, the ceiling has a window.


Simple Living Room

If you have an apartment, you might want your place to look spacious by having minimal furniture. This one here is a great example that combines kitchen, dining area, and living room. They are all in minimalist style. And if you see the living room, it’s only a white sofa, chairs, and a small rug with rattan that can work as table.


Modern Living Room

If you don’t care about the look and only care that you get a living room that serves you the function of a living room where you can gather around hanging out, this kind of living room can be an option.


Yellow on Blue

This one is similar with the one with soft purple sofa. This one though, has used blue cushioned sofa that has yellow accent in the cushion and pillow. It’s really interesting to see how the colours are combined. The ottoman that is used as the coffee table has similar colour too. So is the pillow for floor with blue artistic wall, this one here is really refreshing even though it’s quite minimalist.


Minimalist in Colour and Furniture

This one in the picture has been using minimalist colour for the minimalist furbished living room. With soft colour and simple furniture, this room feels so calm, tidy, and wide. This beautiful room lets you get some rest perfectly.


Scandinavian Living Room

In 2017, Scandinavian style has been really popular as it looks beautiful and minimalist. And that’s why when we talk about minimalist living room; it’s so easy to have Scandi style gets in. And from the look of this room, we can see that its simplicity is the power that makes the room beautiful.


Red on Red

If you want to go the simplest way, you can always try putting a sofa and that’s it. But of course, always pick the most comfortable one. Even if it’s only one, when it’s really comfortable, sometimes you don’t need more.

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