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bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, round mirror, small floating sink Interior Design

Bathroom, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Black Wall, White Wall, Whtie Toilet, Round Mirror, Vanity Table, White Round Sink
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Mirror, Small Floating Sink
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Greeen Accent Wall, Blue Wall, White Tub, Side Table
Bathroom, Whtie Wall, Patterned Floor, White Toilet, Blue Floating Vanity, White Sink
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Pendant, White Floating Toilet And Sink, Wooden Floating Cabinet, Whtie Sink
Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor And Wall, Cream Pink Wall, Round Mirrors Wooden Floating Cabinet
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall Tiles, Blue Accent Tiles, White Sink, Wooden Vanity, Black Rack, Pendant, Floating Shelves, Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Wall, Golden Floating Toilet, Golden Floating Sink, Golden Rod
Bathroom, Grey Seamless Floor, Pink Wall, White Wall, Round Mirrors, Small Floating Sink, Floating Sink And Toilet
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Pink Wall, White Box Vanity, Oval Mirror, White Pendant, White Sink

Although there are not many accessories and details on the minimalist bathrooms, they have their own charm that make them look interesting and incredible. IT can be from the color, it can be from teh subtle or minimal pattern and it can also be from the size and shape of the furniture. Decorating minimalist bathroom does not mean decorating a room with uninteresting objects. Here below are ten interesting minimalist bathrooms that can give you inspirations.

Cream Minimalism
This bathroom shows an incredible ambiance with grey marble floor and wall that looks so stunning. It is completed with pink cream wall on the other side. The mirrors are installed interestingly with rod from the ceiling. The long wooden cabinet also give interesting minimalist accents in this large room.

Mirrors Play
This minimalist bathroom might look so simple with black accent wall, white floor and wall. Even the vanity looks so simple and minimalist. The round mirrors on the wall, however, put really interesting accents in the room.

Creamy Pink
This minimalist pink corner looks amazing with its soft wall and white vanity. The white vanity gives an amazing detail with its box shaped that continues to the ceiling. The white pendant and sink complete the view perfectly well.

Concrete Bathroom
This grey bathroom will make you think of the simple and minimalist concrete. Grey is a perfect color to show minimalist look. Completed with wooden and white addition, this minimalist bathroom brings a perfect simple look while the pendant puts an interesting touch in the room.

Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom
While the previous one gives a really simple look, this one here successfully brings out elegant and luxurious look out of the minimalist bathroom. The whit marble wall looks incredible alone. Combined with golden accents, it is stunning!

Floating Details
This minimalist bathroom offers interesting look by using floating toilet and sink on the pink side of the wall. And it is also completed with floating sink on the other side and two round mirrors.

Small Corner
Using minimalist look is a perfect choice for a small bathroom. It will not make the bathroom looks heavy or crowded while also allows the beauty to come out. This one here simply puts minimalist floating vanity in the corner and adds some patterns for pretty details on the floor.

Simple Accessories
This simple vanity will look perfect for a minimalist bathroom. The small floating sink is great and the installment of the mirror has its own unique look. The fsh accessories on the wall gives more unique traits.

Minimalist with Details
While the previous ones go with minimal details, this one here is braver and bolder with details. The accent wall gives an interesting pattern and the black rack puts more accent without disturbing the minimalist vibe in the room.

Simple Details
Similarly, this one here also gives more details. The green accent wall is a great complement to the blue wall and the combination of the pattern makes an interesting accent.

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