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tropical yard with wooden deck, stone flooring, yellow lighting under the plants and the deck, gazebo with hanging lighting Atlantis Water Garden

Rustic Yard With Pool With Fountain, Wooden Pergolla, White Lighting From The Pool, Plants, Pergolla
Tropical Yard With Wooden Deck, Stone Flooring, Yellow Lighting Under The Plants And The Deck, Gazebo With Hanging Lighting
Backyard With Long Rectangle Pool, Wooden Deck, Rectangle Tiles Path, Pools Umbrella, Pool Lounges
Tropical Landscape Yard With Gazebo, Red Sofa, Stone Bridge, Lightings Under The Plants
Mediterranean Landscape With Yellow Lights Sconces, White Chairs, Stone Flooring, Plants
Yard With Wooden Pergolla, Green Grass, Brown Tile, Brown Chairs, Black Wooden Table, Hanging Lamps
Yard With Round Pool, Bigger Pool, Lightings Under The Plants
Tropical Yard With Pool, Round Jacuzzi, Orange Brown Tiles, Wooden Pergola, Palms
Yard With Lots Of Plants, Gazebo With Stoney Chimney, Lighting On The Plants
Mediterranean Landscape Wit Two Pools, Plants, Lightings Under The Plants, Outdoor Dining Area, Gazebo With Dining Table Set, Fireplace, Plants

Everyone would love to have a house look like paradise. And if you want your creativity goes wild, you might want to do it in your landscape. With landscape, you can go sculpturing, creating your own scope, decorating your back yard with tress and lamps, creating the look that you want. And what is better than outdoor paradise? Sure you can turn your indoor space into something like paradise but of course, with outdoor lighting and the soil and the plants, you will agree outdoor space will give you more chances to improvise the look in your yard.

When you talk about paradise landscape, you know you cannot separate it from the outdoor lighting fixture. With lighting you can create ambiance, mood, glows, and shadows. There are many things you can do with lighting. Some ideas of paradise landscape lighting can be read below.

Paradise Pool

Here, the lighting fixtures are brass strip lights installed in the retaining wall so that it can create the shadow and accentuate the trees with colorful leaves. It leaves deep characters around the pool.

Paradise in New York

In this picture, you can see that they have built deck to put the patio chairs and they also create an area with stone flooring. The lights are seen installed under the deck, along the fence, under the plants. They characteristically create shadow over the yard.

Tropical Paradise

This paradise looks like a real paradise with the lighting illuminate the plants and the blue lights from the pool give the perfect feeling.

Pergolas for Paradise

One of the things that you can do when to create paradise look in your yard is by putting dining area. You can put it under pergola and put the beautiful lighting around the ceiling. It will create romantic look on the yard.

Mediterranean Landscape

If you have large yard, you can put more than one pool separated and creates each paradise look around it so that you can have two areas that are so beautiful.

Serene Paradise

If you look at this picture, you can see how serene the ambiance is. The yard looks so peaceful and the minimalist lighting makes it calm. The lighting itself is not extravagant but it can create such beautiful environment. But the best part is that it has fireplace in the middle of the yard, such a warm welcoming lights.

Rustic Paradise

If you like the rustic theme, what is better than doing it outdoor? You can go real in outdoor space. From this picture, you can see that the pergola is from wood, and the flooring is from brown stone tiles. With the lighting placed under the plants, in pergola, and in the pool, it creates a luminous feeling in the yard.

Blue Path

If you own a long square pool, you can get this kind of look with blue lights along the pool and around it. With yellow lights on the cabin, it will still be a good look.

Mediterranean Paradise

Bringing the best look in your exterior is what you want to do with your yard. If you want to go simple and rustic, you can go with Mediterranean look. The less you go, the more it goes.  You can go with the rustic sconces and yellow lights to keep it classic.

Tropical Landscape

Some people said tropical region is what paradise must look like. And if you agree with that, you can attempt to decorate your yard with lots kinds of plants, and bright colored furniture, as well as proper placed lights.

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