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small kitchen with wooden floor, white small island with wooden stools, wooden shelves ,tiny patch of garden Instagram - Dekor Kreatif

Small Garden With Pebbles, Hung Plants, Carbon Glass Sloping Ceiling, Dining Table Set, Pendant
Small Indoor Garden With Grass, Plants On Pots And Vertical Wire, Swing Bench
Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Floor Tiles, White Bar Island, Black Stools, Small Indoor Garden, Rattan Swing
Small Garden With Grass, Plants, Near The Kitchen And Dining Room, Wooden Small Porch
Indoor Small Garden Space With Grass, Pebbles, Plants, Stone Tiles On The Wall, Wooden Tiles On The Floor, Waching Machine
Kitchen Dining Room In Open Half Open Space With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Dining Set, Garden With Wooden Pathway, Patterned Tiles, White Patio Chairs
Small Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Small Island With Wooden Stools, Wooden Shelves ,tiny Patch Of Garden
Kitchen And Dining Room With White Gloos Floor, White Wall, Glossy Cabine, Small Garden With Stone Wall
Indoor Small Garden Space With High Ceiling In Carboon Glass, White Wall, Faux Grass, Plants Kitchen
Garden, Grass, Washing Machine, Black Wall, Vines, White Open Brick Wall, White Floor Tiles, White Rack

Besides interiors with eco-conscious, eco-friendly house design has also risen in popularity. Many people love to make their house some friendly effect for the environment. And it includes the reduction in greenhouse emissions. One of the things to do that is by saving electricity in your house. It can mean large windows for better air and light. And to acquire that successfully, open space in the kitchen or living room can be the first place to start.

Open Fake Garden
Making sure that the air circulation is fresh, we don’t always need air conditioner. Taller wall and airy feeling can help with that too. In enhancing the feeling of eco-friendly house, adding grass and plants on the washing area can help it too. With high ceiling, it creates better air circulation.

Small Garden on the Back
For you who have larger space, having small garden like this one here can be really rewarding. With open kitchen and dining room, this is like a breath of nature that you can give to the house. With small garden like this that is separated only by bamboo stick shade, you will get the freshest air and light

Small Indoor One
If you only have really small space left and you can’t let it go from the building, you can make indoor small garden. Seen in this one is a very simple one with high carbon glass ceiling, this little garden will give similar effect to the kitchen near it: maximum level of light and airy space.

Beautiful Small Garden
This one is again for those who have not so tiny space to turn into small garden in the back. This one here creatively incorporate kitchen, dining table set, and small garden into one open space. This will make your guest feel comfortable paying a visit.

A Pretty Sight
This one here is for those who have small space and still want to see the natural light coming. And not only that, the fresh air will be able to circulate in this tiny space. This one here depicts perfectly what you can do with small space when you want to have kitchen, dining room, and small garden too.

Dine Out
For you who love outdoor look without losing the privacy, small garden in your own home is what you need. And if you want to maintain your garden clean from the outdoor unclean air or rain and snow, glass ceiling will make it better, and of course, more private.

Tiny Patch
Having greenery indoor is really self satisfying, even if it’s just a tiny space. Green grass, plants, and patio lamp can bring a pretty unique view to enjoy from the kitchen or dining room.

Relaxing Garden
If you love to gather around with your family and friends in natural ambiance, indoor garden is definitely what you need. Seen in this one here is a small indoor garden that offers oxygen, beautiful view, and fun swing time.

Refreshing Garden
In some culture, it is common to have faucet to take water before praying and it’s usually located outside, near the prayign place. This one here is probably the beautiful sight of one of those place, if you notice two faucets on the wall with stone tiles. It is a practical thing to have in the garden, though. So, this one here is a great way to create in praying area.

In the Kitchen
If you want to have indoor garden, this one here can give you a great inspiration. Not only that it does not have divider but it also in one room. The garden has come to the kitchen and it is a great view for when you cook and eat.

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