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modern dark tan utility cabinets in one side of room Inovate Home

Grey Desk Cabinets With Sink In Sweet Orange Laundry Room
Yellow Letter L Style Cabinets For Modern Laundry Room
Simple And Tall Utility Cabinets For Small Laundry Room
Modern Dark Tan Utility Cabinets In One Side Of Room
White Monochrome Cabinets For Gothic Laundry Room Near Kitchen
Beadboard Style Utility Cabinets Combined With Flowery Themed Desk
Transitional Laundry Room With Cubies Utility Cabinets
Open Shelves Cabinets With Hanger For Unfolded Clothes
White Traditional Utility Cabinets In Laundry Room Withcoordinated Baskets
White Contemporary Laundry Room With Utility Cabinets And Coordinated Rattan Baskets

Laundry room is where you produce clean clothes for the whole family. It can’t be messy although there are many things to put. Unless you will be messed up looking for things you need at time. Thus you do need to put utility cabinets in your laundry room. This is functional to make everything you need to do laundry and even some clean clothes you prepared well organised. Utility cabinets can also help you to make your laundry room more aesthetic but neat. Here are some inspirations to make your laundry room hit the spot.

White-Themed Cabinets Depicting Cleanliness

White is the best choice to make a room looks clean and neat. In this idea, white-painted cabinets are perfectly combined with other soft colours like egg-blue and light olive green. The utility cabinets with six doors in tall-style is put above the washing machine to ease your move. If you need to put more things, you can arrange some rattan baskets in the top of the cabinets.

Beadboard Style Cabinets for Natural Look

You can make your laundry room looks natural by placing Beadboard style utility cabinets. It is recommended for you who have spacious room. Fulfill the space by long cabinets dominating the rooms. Flowery-themed table cloth would be nice combination for it.

Open Shelves Cabinet for Cleaning Supplies

Utility cabinets in open shelves style is suitable when you like the idea of simplicity. You can store all the cleaning supplies with easy way to take or put them back because it has no door.

Cubies Style Cabinets Fits Everything in

When you also consider the aesthetic value for your laundry room, cubies style cabinets is the right choice. Beside it can fit everything in, it also beautifies the look of your laundry room. The dominant squares also makes the room looks so neat.

White Lower Cabinets for Monochrome Laundry Room

If you like monochrome theme for your house, you will love this white lower cabinets which suits on your black-painted wall.

Yellow Letter L Style Cabinets

Letter L style cabinets can be sufficient for your modern style laundry room. In addition, soft yellow colour are perfect to brighten your mood after a long day doing house works.

Grey Lower Cabinets in Orange Laundry Room

Grey and sweet orange can energize your mood to finish all the piles of laundry. You can utilize this lower cabinets for desk to put things on even you can complete it with a sink.

Modern Cabinets in I-Shaped Arrangement

This idea fits your need to save space because this i-shaped arrangement only needs one side of the room. It looks simple but functional. It has hanging handle for unfolded clothes and open shelves for folded clothes and other cleaning supplies.

Compact Tall Style Cabinets for Small Laundry Room

If you have limited rooms in the house, you can create small laundry room with compact utility cabinets in your bathroom. This cabinet is simple and fit the size of the room. Choose tall style so that the space needed is not too wide  and use the rest of the space to organise cleaning supplies in mini open-shelves.

Trendy Green U-Shaped Cabinets for Your Narrow Space

U-shaped cabinets perfectly fit your narrow traditional laundry room and green is the best colour to relax your tiresome after doing the house chores. It does not only functional to arrange your folded clean clothes but you can also add some decoration like table-lamp and unique clock in some parts of the open shelves.


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