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kitchen with wooden floor, black wooden cabinet under wooden counter top, pink painted open brick wall, black painted wooden shelf Institute of Homes

Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Tiles On The Floor, Grey Wooden Cabinet, Brown Wooden Cabinet Under The Sink, White Marble Counter Top, Pink Painted Wall, Wooden Open Shelves
Ktichen With Hexagon Tiles With Cube Effect, White Wall, Pink Cabinet And Cupboards, Pink Shelves, White Chandelier
Kitchen With Grey Floor, Rug, Black Cabinet, Wooden Coutnertop, Pink Painted Wall, Pink Painted Wooden Open Shelves, Black Island With Wooden Top
Kitchen With White Cabinet, Pink Painted Wall, White Sounter Top, Rose Gold Backsplash
Kitchen With Grey Floring, Pink Island With Sink, White Stool, Industrial Pendant
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Cabinet Under Wooden Counter Top, Pink Painted Open Brick Wall, Black Painted Wooden Shelf
Kitchen With Black And White Patterned Tiles, Mint Green Cabinet And Cupboards With White Counter Top, Pink Island With Blue Stoo;, Glass Pendant, White Wall
Kitchen With Wooden Chevron Pattern, Pink Cabinet On Top And Bottom, Marble Backsplash, White Wall, Statement Ceiling With White Pendant, Black Round Dining Table With Grey Chairs
Kitchen With Geometric Pattern On White Tiles On Floor, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Blak Cupboard On The Back, Pink Island With White Islan Top, Golden Pendant
Kitchen With White Floor, Black Cabinet With Metalic Counter Top, Pink Wall, Pink Shelves, White Tiles On Wall, Round Dining Table With Chair And Stool, Black Pendant

Pink has been a popular color especially in woman. It can be so many levels. With shocking pink, you can be bold while with soft pink you can be sweet. It brings many different ambiance. Because of these differences, pink can be enjoyed by many people, even man. Because pink can be sweet, charming and romantic, it is understandable to pick pink for the kitchen where many people gather around to cook, create, have some meals and snack together, even the modern ones. Here below are some pink kitchens we found irresistible.


Pink and Gold

When pink meets gold, it is unquestionably gorgeous. That is why rose gold had once so popular in any products. Gold and pink has been a great look together. Combine them in the kitchen will create a bold statement yet still tender look. With pale pink like this, the modern ambiance the cabinet has created is balanced.


Pink on the Wall

Room with dark furniture is of course beautiful and it’s irresistible when one is looking for modern look. However, if dark furniture feels too intimidating, pink is a great color to balance it. This one kitchen here uses kitchen on the wall and on the floating shelves on the wall to help balancing the sight.


Pink Canvas

As modern style usually looks cold with its minimalist color, pink can help to make things different. This one here has created modern look with its sleek lines on the cabinet and the dining table. However, with pink painted wall, it looks more friendly.


Slabs of Pink

Pink can be warm too. With muted pink like this one here in the picture, the room with wooden cabinet and island looks compatibly warm. The touch of natural stone of marble looks endearing too. With muted pink painted on the wall and the simple cabinet design complete the looks, the modern ambiance is strong.


Pink on Open Brick

While pink is commonly related to a cute color, it can be really good when it has to meet rustic character of open brick wall. It looks refreshed, sweet, and unique at the same time. The black cabinet, counter top, and the floating shelves are also rustic in painted color. Combined together, they look enticing.


Pale Pink Island

Island has been a great place especially on a large kitchen. It bridges the function of a kitchen with the dining area. In island, we can cook as well as eating and having a conversation. That’s why having an island can be a joy, especially an island which not only gives you the function but also the sight. Combined with geometric patterns on the wall and the sleek look on the cupboard on the back, the modern style is sweet.


Modern Industrial with Pink

Modern style and industrial styles is often combined together. The look of old factories that yet transitions to a tidy house has its own character. While sometimes it can look cold and dark, pink color can help to make it more friendly. In this pink island, the dark look on the back is supported with pink colors and vice versa.


Pink and Mint

While pink is great to be collaborated with dark colors, pink is still a sweet and great color that can be collaborated with pale color like mint green too. Spotted here, the pink island is looking calm with its another calm friend color.


Pink Cabinet

Another way to add pink scheme in a modern kitchen is by adding pink cabinet that has sleek and minimalist design. Here, besides the pink cabinet, the room is in black and ashed colors. It might get a little too flat for some people’s taste but with this cheerful pink addition, the room is a pretty sight.


Modern PinkĀ 

Similar with the previous one, this one here also applies pink cabinet in the kitchen. However, with further step on pink cupboard and shelves but with geometric pattern of tiles on the floor, this one here is indeed a really modern pink kitchen.

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