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kitchen, blue white brown hexagonal tiles, open brick wall, green open brick wall, silver cabinet, black cupboard, wooden island, wooden stool, black pendants.jpg Ikea

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Vaulted Ceiling, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Black Pendant
Kitchen, White Floor, Black Wall, Brown Tiles Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Top, Black Pendant, Rustic Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Open Brick Wall, Dark Blue Wooden Cabinet With White Top, Glass Pendants,
Kitchen, Brown Floor, Open Brick Accent Wall, Plain Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Chandelier, Dining Set,
Kitchen, Blue White Brown Hexagonal Tiles, Open Brick Wall, Green Open Brick Wall, Silver Cabinet, Black Cupboard, Wooden Island, Wooden Stool, Black Pendants.jpg
Kitchen, Open Brick Small Tiles Wall, Wooden Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall
Kitchen, Red Floor, Brick Accent Wall, White Wall, Green Bottom Cabinet, Sloping Ceiling, Wooden Beam, Green Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Brick Wall, Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Ceiling, Pendant, White Kitchen Top, Wooden Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Grey Subway Wall, Grey Wooden Bottom Cabinet White Top, Wooden Dining Table, Brown Leather Chairs
Kitchen, Wooden Herringbone, Open Brick Wall, White Wall, Wooden Pendants, Blue Island With Wooden Top, Blue Wooden Cabinet

A heartwarming sight in the house will make the house feels even homier and incredible. As a social area, kitchen is the perfect place where you can boost warmth. And to do that, traditional look is one of the best ways to decorate. Seen below are ten traditional kitchens that will definitely help you generate some inspirations.

Warm Blue
Although traditional look is related to all brown colored furniture, this one here is decorated with green and silver look that complement the brown and warm open brick wall and wooden island in the middle. Although it is completed with industrial look, it still maintains the warmth.

Small Elegance
This traditional kitchen shows an interesting elegance with chandelier above the dining set that looks old. This dining set is set at the end of a long small spaced traditional kitchen. This setting is although small makes a warm look.

Rustic Traditional
The warmth in traditional look is in line with rustic look so that it is an easy combination. This kitchen shows how easy rustic dining set to blend prettily with traditional kitchen around it.

Modern Tradition
This one here shows a combination of a minimalist look with details in traditional kitchen on the wall, kitchen top, and the wall. The minimalist and modern touch on the floor and wall contrast the traditional touch but with an interesting note.

Dark Warmth
Traditional look can make a warm room. To balance it, the easiest way is to combine it with white or dark color. This one here shows warm kitchen with open brick wall along the cabinet and warm wooden look and balanced with the darkness of the cabinet and island.

Heartwarming Brick
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows the warmth through the open brick wall that looks so beautiful. Completed with dark blue cabinet and island, this open brick setting looks even stronger. A nice touch is given by the glass pendants.

Brick Backsplash
While an open brick look can be really endearing, it can shows some trouble as it needs quite high maintenance. However, if you really love open brick look, this trick of having backsplash tiles look like brick can give a similar look.

Bright and Warm
A traditional style can be supported by bright light seen from the open room. In this one, the open room is supported by lots of windows seen on the side of wall and on the vaulted ceiling. The vaulted ceiling adds more space for air flow.

Warmest Small Kitchen
This one here shows a really warm look with everything it shows. The combination of brick and wooden material with its texture and patterns make the room looks rich and beautiful.

Fresh Look
Despite looking traditional, this one here can also show its fresh and modern touch with its light green wooden cabinet. The rustic touches on the wall and beams prettify the room perfectly well.

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