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yellow wooden kitchen island with dark brown countertop and yellow wooden chairs Batim Studio

Brown Patterned Wooden Kitchen Island With Cream Marble Top And Clear Plastic Chairs
Small White Kitchen With Glossy Grey Marble Contertop And White Wooden Kitchen Island With The Same Marble, And Two White Wooden Chairs
Kitchen With White Cabinet And White Kitchen Island With Green Marble Counter Top, Black Wooden Stool With Rattan Top
Really Simple And Small Kitchen Islan In White Wooden Material With Out Cabinet Under The Top, With White Plastic Stool
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet With White Kitchen Island With Brown Wooden Countertop And Two Wooden Stools
Black Wooden Kitchen Island With Black Marble Countertop And Black Metal Stool With Cuhion On Top
Yellow Wooden Kitchen Island With Dark Brown Countertop And Yellow Wooden Chairs
White Classy Wooden Island With Black Marble Top, Brown Wooden Stools With Back And Brown White Striped Cushion
Shabby Look Kitchen Island Wit Grey Body With Shelves, Sinks On Brown Wooden Top, And Brown Wooden Stools
White Wooden Kitchen Island With Towel Rack On The Side, Brown Wooden Top, Brown Wooden Stools With Backs And Rattan Seating

Having kitchen island is a thing people want to have. Even though you already have dining table set, you will also like to have kitchen island to have your snack or coffee in higher table or just to make your way to kitchen closer. It is also common for people to put their cooking in the kitchen island just because it’s closer to the kitchen. And if you only eat by yourself or with a small group of friends, eating in kitchen island seems closer. Although having kitchen island can be bulky in your kitchen, you need not to worry because you can still have kitchen island in small size. Below are some ideas on what kind of kitchen island you can put in your kitchen.

Glossy Top Kitchen Island

Having a small kitchen lets people think on how to make the kitchen not to look dark or damp. One of the things you can do is having something glistening in your room. And putting glossy look marble is one thing that can make your room brighter.

Gleaming Surface

This kitchen is with gleaming stainless steel countertop that makes the kitchen looks more cheerful. And the small island lets you to eat there with a companion. Small it is, yet pretty on the look and useful to have.

Natural Looking for Small Kitchen

Besides getting your kitchen more gleaming, you can also set it with natural look that will put wooden cabinet and warm tones for anything else. In this picture, the owner put white tones to balance it.

Fine Fine Island

This fine island will brighten your kitchen with its pretty color and simple look. The ergonomic design is perfect for a small kitchen; you can keep your kitchen related thing on the cabinet under the island.

Elegant Black Island

If you want to go elegant and classy, this kitchen island can meet your need. With simple and ergonomic design, it is a perfect kind to complete your kitchen.

Clear Chairs

One of the things to make your small kitchen looks spacious is having clear furniture so that it seems like you don’t add any furniture, just like the one below.

Simple Small Island

This is a small yet pretty island with white and nude brown color that matches perfectly with the kitchen. The design is simple and is not too heavy for the room.

Island Table

This island is probably the simplest among all so far. With table-like look, this island has really slim appearance on the countertop thickness and the foot itself. It’s really one of good choices to have for a small kitchen.

Shabby Island

For those who love to have something classic and looking old, you might probably like this island. Beside it is a great choice for the small space, it is also a good choice for the shabby look.

Classic and Simple

In this picture, things are arranged simple but still with taste. The classic touch on the island and hood seems okay with the wooden stool that looks so simple.

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