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walking closet in the bedroom, wooden flor, white shelves, glass partition with curtain HoomDsgn

Walking Closet In The Bedroom, Wooden Flor, White Shelves, Glass Partition With Curtain
Small Walking Closet With White Cupboard With Shelevs, Drawers For Clothes, And Bags, Wooden Floor, Stool With White Fur
Waling Closet, Brown Rug, White Table With Golden Chair, White Faux Fur, Shelves On One Side Of The Wall, Rails And Shelves On The Other
Walking Closet, Wooden Floor, White Table With Marble Top, White Built In Shelves And Drawers, White Cabinet, Two Waching Machines
Large Wooden Boxes Without Door Under The Sloping Ceiling With Rails, Drawers And Boxes Inside The Shelves
Walking Closet, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Cupboard, Shelves, Open Drawers, White Cabinet, Window, Pendants
Walking Closet On The Wall With Curtain, Rails, Shelves Above, Cabinet Inside
Walking Closet Behind White Wall And Arch With Rail To Hang Clothes, Shelves With Boxes
Walking Closet, White Floor, White Wallpaper, White Cabinet With Drawers, Nook Near The Window, Shelves, Rail To Hang
Walking Closet Behind The Headboard With Shelves, Drawers, Rails To Hang Clothes

Having walking closet is sometimes much easier and less time consuming both in storing the clothes and in choosing and taking it out later. With walking closet, it is easier to take care of the clothes, shoes, and bags too. And walking closet does not always mean to be the big room with large shelves and rail. It can come in any space whether big or small. These ten walking closets will give you some inspirations if you are still looking for some ideas.

Comfortable and Simple
If you love something simple to take care of, this one here can help you with that. Built in rather large room, it has its space for the shelves and rails to hang the clothes. It can even afford the table and chair to get ready in the morning.

Secret Space
While the previous one requires large space, this one here is more affordable and less space to be needed. Located behind the headboard, this one here shows simplicity in its long and narrows space. Without real door to close it, the space is open and easily maintained.

Behind the Glass Partition
Similar to the previous one, this one too uses the space left in the bedroom. Instead of a cupboard, the owner builds more solid and spacious place to keep all the wardrobe. With glass partition, it can look open like this in the picture. Or, if you prefer it to close, you can add curtain just like this one has.

Covered with Clothe
Cover walking closet with curtain is surely more practical and easier to do too. It is more affordable compare to if you have to add door to it. With curtain, no matter how many clothes you own, it can always be closed.

Without the Door
This one here also shows a walking closet without a door. However, this one here looks like a cupboard with arch to come in. For this open walking closet, the boxes on the shelves are a great decision to make. It cover the clutter inside the box.

Use the Space
If your space is so limited but you want to have a special space for wardrobe only, you will need to find a place to create the walking closet. This one here has boxes stacked under the sloping ceilings with rails to hang the clothes and drawers under. It also has shelves on the narrowest space.

Laundry Room
This one here combine the walking closet with laundry room to save the space. It also brings simplicity in working on with the clothes. You can treat your clothes in one place.

Pretty Little Closet
In this small closet,the details look pretty with low railed drawers and drawers with clean rail. The sweet rug and stool are also making the sight looks sweet. And it all happens in a small closet.

Bright Window
Having a window in the walking closet is indeed a great thing to have. It will give you the actual light so that you know how your clothes will look like when you go out.

Small Window
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has small treat in the wall to let the bright light come in. The cupboard in the room is a complete package with drawers, rails, and closed cabinet. Getting ready will be fun in here.

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