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Corner Kitchen, White Cabinet, White Wall, Silver Pendants, Clock, Black Wooden Partition, Striped Cushion Bench, Black Table, Nude Chair, Rectangular Pendant
Dining Set With Wooden Table, Green Metal Chair, Black Pendant, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Parition With Glass
Dining Set With Built In Wooden Bench, Brown Cushion, Wooden Table With X Legs, Modern Chairs, Glass Partition, Kitchen, Chandelier
Kitchen Partition, Blue Cabinet With White Marble Top, Glass Framed Partition, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set, Chandelier
Kitchen, Black Cabinet, Dark Red Cabinet Top, Wooden Chevron Floor, Sliding Table, Glass Partition With Black Frame
Kitchen, White Cabinet, Wooden Top Island, White Framed Glass Partition, White Sofa, Pillows
Kitchen, White Cabinet, White Partition With Cabinet, Black Top, Upper Cabinet, White Pendant, Dining Set
Dining Nook, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Bench With Plaid Cover, Glass Partition, Wooden Floor, Pendant, Ceiling Lamp, Kitchen Wih White Cabinet
Sliding Door, Glass Partition, Wooden Floor, White Floating Dining Table, White Stool, Dining Table, Rattan Chairs, Living Room
Kitchen, Black Tall Island, Stool, Herringbone Wooden Floor Tiles, Wooden Dining Set, Pendant

While you can put partition in anywhere in the house, putting partition in the kitchen is really a common practice as it has another room that cannot be separated, the dining room. And below, you will be able to see which partition that can work the best in your kitchen and dining room.

Glass Partition
One of the most popular partition used in the kitchen is of course glass partition. With glass partition, the partition seems nothing while it can still hold the smell and heat from the kitchen to the dining area. Seen in this picture, the wooden wall is quite thick that with glass partition, it still leaves some space.

Open the Glass
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses glass partition to part the kitchen well. However, it has the window on the low part of the partition that the glass can be open to let the air circulate even better.

Sweet and Small
Parting the kitchen and dining room in the middle like this one here is surely pretty and sweet. Even the kitchen with limited space can do it to their space. Seen in this picture, the pretty dining set is decorated with sweet modern chairs, table, and chandelier not far above. It is no wonder that the partition should be made of clear glass.

In the Middle
Having large space of kitchen can be really fascinating. It can be shaped as you wish. In the picture below, the kitchen is shaped so that the middle is added a dining room, parted by black wooden partition with glass. It makes the kitchen and dining area more interesting.

Cabinet Partition
Besides glass, cabinet is what people usually part the kitchen with. With cabinet, it is not only just a partition but also a practical cabinet. For this one below, so is island.

Sliding Glass
While the previous one shows the permanent partition in the middle of the kitchen, with the one in here, it is more of a door that can be closed when you need it.

Save the Smell
While the previous one separate the kitchen from the dining area, this one here separate kitchen from the living room so that the living room will not get the smell and heat directly.

Glass Arch
Besides being a full partition, glass framed in black lines can be a decoration in the kitchen as arch to separate the area of kitchen from the dining area.

Cabinet Together
Not only that glass partition can give a pretty adornment to the kitchen but it can also be put cabinet and sink if you want to save your space. It gives more compact look and practicality to the kitchen.

Save the Space
Another thing that you can do in saving the space is by using all the space on both ends of kitchen partition so that it will be used perfectly well and without wasting any space. While the other side can be with cabinet and sink as it is with the kitchen area, the other side can be arranged for dining area.

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