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nursery, white wall, yellow, white ottoman, white round rug, yellow cabinet La Petite

Nursery, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Animal Wallpaper, Woden Bed, Red Wooden Rocking Toy, Silver Lamp
Nursery, White Wall, Yellow, White Ottoman, White Round Rug, Yellow Cabinet
White Bedroom In Round Window Bay, White Wooden Floor, Black Iron Bed, White Tent
White Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Bench With White Cushion, Black Chair, Brown Side Table
Nursery, White Wall, White Floor, Rattan Swing Chair, White Crib, Green Bench
Nursery, White Wall, Wallpaper, Green Paper Lanterns, White Curtain, Wooden Floor, Striped Rug, Wooden Child Study Table, Rattan Chair
Nursery, White Wall, White Floor, Wooden Rack, Wooden Round Table And Chairs
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Study Table And Chair, Black Chair
White Reading Corner, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Display Shelves, Rocking Chair
Corner, White, Green Painted Tree, Green Display Shelves, Wooden Floor

Nursery is a place where the children can rest as well as have fun. Putting their toys and study spots in the nursery would make their place feels so personal and comfortable. And to make sure that children would feel comfortable is firstly parents’ job. If you’re looking for ideas, here below is a beautiful compilation you can get some inspirations from.

Easy Corner
This corner puts an easy look with white colored wall with wooden floor. The display shelves makes it easy for children to get their reading and the little rocking chair would let them feel comfortable in reading or playing.

Relaxing in Fun
This is another corner that shows how easy a corner can make some comfort. With simple black bench with white cushion, the corner feels easy and simple. The toy baskets on the floor allow the children to tidy up better while making fun touches on the corner.

Window Bays
In this round space, the windows add lots of lights that makes the space look so fun and energizing. The white small tent would help the children generates imagination and role playing.

Fresh and Natural
This fresh nursery is completed with fun animals on the wall, rocking toys and big windows that let bright light and fresh air to comes in. Not only that, beautiful view is also seen from this nursery that makes the room looks amazing.

Tall and Fun
This cool children’s bedroom looks comfortable and fun. With white wall and light and pastel paper lantern on the ceiling, the bedrooms bring out interesting feeling. The wallpaper has incredible touch for the room and the wooden and rattan complement makes the children bedroom really unique.

Fun Touches
This bedroom brings out a fun look with pink rug and colorful flags on the ceiling. This has made interesting and fun details. And to complete it, the floor is drawn squares for children to play.

Bright Green
This is another fun corner that would bring an interesting feeling. The green shelves is not only bright but it is also connected in a way with the painted wall. It creates an interesting touch.

Simple Wood
While nursery used to look bright, this one here opt to look natural and simple with wooden set of round table and chairs and white floor, wall, even furniture. This minimalist bedroom looks amazing for kids too.

Bright in Simplicity
This is another amazing bedroom with tall windows. This bedroom would ensure you to have the brightest and fun ambiance, completed with rattan swing and toys from the ceiling. It will be able to be enjoyed, not only by children but also adults.

Yellow Lines
This is a fun and bright spot for children. With unique yellow paint on the wall and matching room on the back with yellow wall and cabinet, the white exterior looks just perfect. The ottoman and round rug bring its own fun.

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