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Walking Closet, Two Open Cupboards, Rails To Hang Clothes, Shelves, Drawers, White Table, White Chair, White Floor, Rug
Walking Closet In The Study Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wooden Open Cupboard, Rails To Hang Clothes, Shelves, Drawers
Walking Closet, Wooden Floor, Open Wooden Shelves, Rails To Hang Clothes, Wooden Drawer Cabinet
Walking Closet Under Sloping Ceiling With White Wooden Shelves, Rail To Hang Clothes Under The Shelves
Long Space With Yellows Boards, Rails To Hang Clothes, Grey Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Rug, Ceiling Lamp
Closet Behind Curtain In Bedroom, Black Wooden Floating Shelves, Black Rail To Hang Clothes, Black Cabinet, Crystal Chandelier
Modern Walkign Closet With Wooden Floating Cabinet, Rails, Drawers, Wooden Floor
Walking Closet Behind The Headboard Bed, Glass Partition, Shelves And Rails, Wooden Floor,
Cornered Walking Closet, Blue Wooden Shelves With Rattan Oor, Wooden Floor
White Built In Wooden Walking Closet With Shelves, Rail, Drawers, Wooden Floor, Rug, Cahair

Having a busy schedule can make you having too many clothes to fit the cupboard as you have to match the outfit and the event you’re attending. If you cannot keep everything in the cupboard, a walking closet might be the perfect solution to your problem. Here below are some stunning walking closets that you might love.

Corner Closet
If you have only limited space, you can use the corner to give you minimum closet like this one. It offers quite long rails to hang your clothes. The drawers on the cupboard enables you to fold your clothes tidily. The drawers with low board, storing the shoes is more practical.

Nook Closet
Similar to the previous one, this one also has small and limited space. However, it does not only successfully turn the nook into a useful walking closet but also a pretty one too. The blue wooden shelves looks so pretty while the rattan door is a perfect touch for the shelves.

With Study Table
If you cannot afford a room especially for walking closet, combining it with a large room can be done too. This one here creates walking closet and study room in a room together. The open cupboard offers a wide range of ways to store and stack clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Add the Shelves
While it is pretty to install your own built-in shelves to the room, adding shelves to a room can be another solution too. This one here adds two big open cupboard to store the clothes, accessories, and shoes as well as make-up table.

Under the Sloping Ceiling
A simple storage for clothes is seen in this one here. With the open shelves under the sloping ceiling, the space can be used effectively for closet. And under the open shelves are rails for hung clothes.

Yellow Boards
In this long space of walking closet, yellow boards are added to be the open shelves while giving a space for hanging the clothes. Not only that, the grey cabinet under the rail enables you to store clothes tidily.

Modern Closet
If you love simplicity and minimalist look from modern style, this one here can give you what you want. With smooth and clean finish on the brown boards on the shelves, the closet looks sleek. round boxes to keep accessories looks clean on its silvery color.

Modern and Elegant
While the previous one looks so simple, this one here looks grand even though it shows clean and smooth look over the wooden floating cabinet, shelves, and drawers. The black lines on the rails mark another clean lines for the room.

In the Bedroom
Despite having a bulky cupboard, this one here gives an amazing idea on what you can do when you add curtain to the space you have. And all you need to do is adding some shelves, cabinet, and rails.

Behind the Headboard
Similar to the previous one, this one also has walking closet in the bedroom. However, this one installs more permanent partition like glass.

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